The Best Golf Ball in Golf 2024 – It’s Obvious – You Already Know!

By on March 26, 2024

Best Golf Ball in Golf

The choice of the right golf ball can be the difference between a remarkable round and a frustrating day on the links. So, what is the best golf ball in golf?

Every other year, during one of the early-season PGA Tour events, a distinctive box of fresh golf balls makes its debut, setting it apart from the rest. Carefully guarded by a member of the manufacturer golf ball product management team, this box contains a collection of golf balls that professional golfers will soon scrutinize. The process is straightforward: tour pros are presented with the contents of the box and asked a simple question – “Which one do you prefer? And why?”

Of Course, it’s the Titleist Pro V1 Golf ball range, and in our opinion, this is the Best Golf ball in golf.

Why is it the best Golf Ball in Golf

Last year, nearly three-quarters of the PGA Tour used the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. These players are playing for huge sums, and when they put their trust in this ball, you know it must be something special.

This is not to say that TaylorMade, Callaway and Srixon don’t make exceptional golf balls, they do. However, TRUST and FEEL are massive in golf, and these players have gotten used to the feel and, over the years, have built up trust in this ball.

The Full Range of Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

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The Best Golf Ball In Golf

The Best Golf Ball In Golf

To find the best ball for your game, visit the Titleist Ball Selector Tool.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Unparalleled Speed, Spin, and Feel

The renowned #1 Ball in Golf just got even better.

The updated Pro V1 introduces reduced long-game spin for increased distance, a piercing trajectory, exceptional greenside spin for unrivalled scoring performance, and an incredibly soft feel. It’s the complete package designed to help all golfers achieve lower scores. Compared to the Pro V1x, Pro V1 golf balls offer lower flight and less spin during long shots while maintaining similar greenside spin and a softer overall feel.

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Product Features & Advantages

  • Cutting-edge high-gradient core technology diminishes long-game spin for extended distance. The high-flex casing layer enhances speed, contributing to reduced long-game spin. Aerodynamically engineered with a spherically-tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple design for consistent and penetrating flight. The soft cast urethane Elastomer™ Cover provides exceptional greenside spin. Player Benefits
  • Increased distance off the tee Remarkably low long-game spin A penetrating and predictable trajectory Consistency in flight Effortless greenside control with the Drop-and-Stop™ technology An exceptionally soft feel on every shot Technological Highlights
  • Utilizes a High Gradient Core that Incorporates a Speed Amplifying High-Flex Casing Layer that Features a Spherically-Tiled 388 Tetrahedral Dimple Design Equipped with a Soft Cast Urethane Elastomer™ Cover System

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls – Elevating Performance with Heightened Flight and Enhanced Spin

The all-new Pro V1x takes performance to the next level with a reduced long-game spin for increased distance, an impressive high trajectory, and exceptional greenside spin for unmatched scoring prowess, all while delivering a plush feel.

The 2023 Titleist Pro V1x golf ball offers complete performance capabilities from the tee to the green. It presents a higher trajectory and a softer touch for golfers striving to achieve their best scores. This ball is tailored for players seeking comprehensive performance, characterized by elevated flight and amplified spin.

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Product Features & Advantages

  • Cutting-edge high-gradient dual-core technology diminishes long-game spin, resulting in extended distance. The high-flex casing layer intensifies speed, contributing to reduced long-game spin. Boasts a spherically-tiled 348 tetrahedral dimple design that ensures a consistently high and penetrating flight. Crafted with a soft cast urethane Elastomer™ Cover for a remarkable greenside spin. Player Benefits
  • Significantly increased distance off the tee Minimal long-game spin Impressive high trajectory Consistent flight characteristics Effortless greenside control, featuring the Drop-and-Stop™ technology Luxuriously soft feel on every stroke Technological Highlights
  • Incorporates a High Gradient Dual Core Features a Speed Amplifying High-Flex Casing Layer Utilizes a Spherically-Tiled 348 Tetrahedral Dimple Design Equipped with a Soft Cast Urethane Elastomer™ Cover System

The Pro V1 is ideal for golfers who prioritize low long-game spin, penetrating ball flight, and greenside control while enjoying a soft feel. On the other hand, the Pro V1x suits players who seek higher flight, soft feel, excellent greenside control, and distance with reduced long-game spin. The choice between these two exceptional golf balls ultimately depends on your playing style and preferences on the course.

So you know the answer to the best golf ball in golf, and you may disagree, but they are the Number One golf ball and have been so for many years, and if you have never used one, you must have a go.

To see fantastic product reviews and the latest golf equipment, visit our YouTube Channel, where resident golf professional Mark Crossfield highlights the best in golf.







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