Which Ping G425 Driver Should I Choose

By on January 14, 2021

Ping is long established as a premier brand when it comes to golf equipment and spend decades developing technologies and custom fitting techniques with one goal in mind… ‘to help you play your best golf’.

There is never a rush to bring out new lines, and any new hardware launch tells you they have something to shout about! And that is why we are so excited to see their new range of G425.

Selecting your Ping G425 Driver is an important decision as you want to get the most out of your investment. When you step up to the tee, you need to have confidence in your equipment and when it comes to golf clubs, there is no  ‘one size fits all’  I’m afraid.  At The Golf Shop Online we can guide you every step of the way and have a dedicated Ping Driver Custom Fit Advice page. We also have an “Ask the Pro” service where you have direct access to our head professional, James Langmead, who is more than happy to answer your custom fitting questions. James is a fully qualified club fitter with decades worth of experience and has won awards to his fitting service.

The differences in Ping G425

G425 MAX – Available in 3 lofts,9 ,10.5 and 12. The Max head is 460CC. The 26g CG-shifting weight, which is 60% larger than in G410, can be secured in one of three settings — neutral, draw or fade — to influence forgiveness and shot shape for maximum performance. The average MOI increase is 14% across the three weight positions compared to the G410 Plus.

G425 SFT – The Straight Flight Technology version of the G425 is available in one loft (10.5). A fixed 23-gram tungsten back weight that shifts the CG closer to the heel to promote a right-to-left shot bend of approximately 25 yards compared to the G425 Max model. This weight is 40% larger than in G410. A lighter swingweight (D1) also helps influence the ball flight correction. SFT

G425 SFT – The LST model is designed with a 445cc head to deliver spin reductions of approximately 200 rpm compared to the G410 LST and 500-700 rpm versus the G425 Max. The LST employs a 17-gram CG shifter with three settings (Draw, Neutral, Fade) to fit the launch conditions best suited to the golfer’s swing and desired ball flight.

If you are interested in all the features and benefits of the Ping G425 range, you can download them here

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