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By on January 4, 2022

The highly anticipated Taylormade 2022 range is here. It promises to continue their technology innovation, pushing limits to create the fastest, longest, and most forgiving clubs to date. This year, the most significant change from the SIM2 lineup is the introduction of Carbonwoods and their use of a brand new 60X Carbon Twist Face. This is their lightest face yet, allowing Taylormade to optimise weight positioning to increase clubhead speeds and maximise forgiveness. Welcome to the Taylormade’s 2022 Stealth range.

Taylormade 2022 Stealth Carbonwood banner

What is Included in Taylormade’s 2022 Range?

DriversTaylormade 2022 Stealth driver face

Taylormade has introduced four-driver variations for 2022: Stealth, Stealth HD, Ladies Stealth HD and the adjustable Stealth Plus. Each driver integrates their innovative 60X Carbon Twist Face technology. 60 layers of carbon fibre make the new face 44% lighter than their previous titanium equivalent and promises increased clubhead speeds for all. Other key features include a Nano Texture Cover for the Twist Face, their most flexible Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ to date and the continued integration of their Asymmetric Inertia Generator for maximum speed and forgiveness. 

FairwaysTaylormade 2022 Stealth Fairway Woods

The Stealth and Stealth Plus continue through the fairway woods alongside a Ladies’ Stealth option. This range sees the continuation of Twist Face using ultra-strong and thin titanium to push the boundaries of ball speed whilst capitalising on previous breakthroughs in technology to maintain the straighter ball flights that Twist Face provides. Taylormade’s V Steel™ Sole Design has been enhanced to improve the turf interaction and versatility it is renowned for. Much like the driver, the Stealth Plus fairway offers adjustability with a loft sleeve as well as an 80g V Steel™ Sole Plate to lower the CG even further and escalate forgiveness. 

HybridsTaylormade 2022 Stealth and Stealth Plus Hybrid

Currently, Taylormade is bringing a men’s and ladies Stealth hybrid to the range for 2022. Integrating their V Steel™ Sole Design will improve turf interaction, and faster ball speeds will result from a high-strength C300 Steel Twist Face and Thru-Slot Speed Pocket. A brand new carbon crown will optimise weight placement, increasing MOI by 15% and allowing all golfers to start attacking more pins. A Stealth Plus hybrid has also been announced and is expected to offer increased adjustability; however, this isn’t set for release until April 2022.


As seen with the previous SIM2 range, irons have been announced alongside the brand new lineup of Carbonwoods. The Stealth irons for 2022 will be the next instalment of game-improvement irons and feature a Cap Back™ Design with Toe Wrap Construction for incredible ball speeds and forgiveness on strikes across the face. An ECHO Damping System® has also been implemented behind the face to provide an enhanced feel on all strikes. Mens and ladies Stealth irons are available with both steel and graphite shafts. Sets can range from 4-iron all the way through to lob wedge.

Taylormade Stealth Irons

Stealth vs SIM2

Although the make-up of the Taylormade 2022 range may follow a similar trend to previous years, some key differences are set to make the Stealth range stand out. In the drivers, the new 60X Carbon Twist Face is 44% lighter than the previous titanium face, increasing clubhead speeds and resulting in a faster and longer club. This weight saving also gives Taylormade the ability to move weight around in the clubhead to optimise MOI and forgiveness whilst improving the effectiveness of the weight track on the Stealth Plus driver. This forgiveness is also enhanced by a club head 11% larger than the SIM2 models. 

This increase in head size continues through to the fairway woods, particularly the Stealth Plus model that is 12% larger than its predecessor. However, Taylormade has ensured that the head size at address has been maintained to provide the same level of playability with improved forgiveness and consistency. Finally, the new carbon crown on the hybrids saves 7g on the SIM Max, allowing Taylormade to reposition this weight for the improved MOI and making it even more stable and easy to launch.


Which Taylormade Stealth Driver is Best for me?

Particularly when faced with so many options within the same range from the same brand, it can get confusing to try and select the best option for you. This will be most apparent within the Taylormade 2022 range when deciding between the standard Stealth, the Stealth Plus, and the Stealth HD.

The incredibly light face on this new range of drivers has allowed more weight to be added lower and deeper into the Taylormade Stealth head to increase MOI by 15% compared to the Stealth Plus. This, combined with the subsequent increase in forgiveness caused by a reduction in the centre of gravity, makes it a great game improvement driver and a great all-around option for those looking for a faster, more forgiving driver with a higher launch and lower spin. 

The Sliding Weight Track on the Stealth Plus driver allows players to regularly fine-tune their club to optimise launch characteristics to match particular conditions and styles of play. This is particularly useful for players looking for a driver with slightly less forgiveness but more shot-making abilities.Taylormade Stealth 60X Carbon Twist Face

Much like the standard Stealth, the Stealth HD uses the weight saving from the clubface and shifts the inertia generator lower and towards the heel. This provides the draw bias that is great for players who may struggle to produce that right-to-left ball flight. However, a standout benefit of this club is its ability to maintain its forgiveness whilst providing this draw bias. Due to the limited weight that has been available to move around with previous and other draw-bias drivers, forgiveness can often be sacrificed. However, the Stealth HD manages to balance due to its ability to shift weight lower and towards the heel.

Having said this, although each club has design features that general groups of golfers tend to suit, to optimise your setup truly, it is always worth consulting a custom fitting service. The Golf Shop Online offers this on all clubs, so if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us or use our “Ask the Pro” tool, and one of our PGA pros would be pleased to assist you. The Stealth range is available for pre-order from 07/01/2022, and these clubs will be launched 04/02/2022. At The Golf Shop Online, we offer a 60-day play better promise and a price promise to match any change in price over the pre-sale period.

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