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By on January 10, 2024

New Ping G430 Max 10K Driver Review

Ping G430 MAX 10K Driver

The Ping G430 MAX 10K Driver from PING represents a remarkable leap in golf club technology. It is PING’s straightest and highest MOI (Moment of Inertia) driver, surpassing the 10,000 g-cm2 combined moment of inertia threshold first achieved by the G400 MAX five years earlier.

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This driver features three main visible technologies that set it apart: a fixed back weight, a larger head profile, and a Carbonfly Wrap on the crown.

PING G430 10K Max Driver

PING G430 10K Max Driver

The fixed back weight is crucial in achieving the record-setting MOI, as it redistributes mass down and back. This increases forgiveness and optimizes the centre of gravity position, resulting in lower spin and excellent ball speed retention across the entire clubface.

Let’s see what the Top YouTube Reviewers have to say about this new driver

Mark Crossfield highlights the club’s suitability for everyday golfers while predicting potential crossover usage on the professional tour due to its appealing spin model and high MOI.

The Ping G430 Max 10K Driver stands out as a driver that offers perceived help to skilled players seeking an extra edge. Crossfield encourages golfers, especially Ping enthusiasts, to consider testing this club and potentially making it their choice for the season.

As the review transitions to a practical test on the 17th at St Andrew’s, Crossfield aims to showcase the driver’s length and accuracy. Despite some shots veering toward the hotel, the G430 Max 10K consistently delivers both distance and straightness, validating Ping’s claims of creating a driver that excels in these aspects.

The club’s performance in the real-world scenario reinforces its status as a reliable and effective choice for golfers seeking a combination of forgiveness and playability.

In conclusion, Mark Crossfield provides an overall positive assessment of the Ping G430 Max 10K driver, acknowledging its solid performance, distinct features, and potential benefits for a wide range of golfers.

The guys at Club Champion Golf had this to say about the driver:

  1. Introduction to the 10K Driver:
    • The Ping G430 10K driver is an extension of the successful G430 line from Ping.
    • There is anticipation and curiosity about this driver, especially regarding its forgiveness and Moment of Inertia (MOI).
  2. Comparison with Previous Models:
    • Reference is made to the G400 Max, which was highly regarded for its forgiveness.
    • The G430 Max 10K is described as a combination of modern technology with a design reminiscent of the G400 era.
  3. Marketing and MOI:
    • The discussion likens achieving over 10,000 MOI to breaking the 4-minute mile, highlighting the significance of marketing.
    • Spin consistency is mentioned as a potential catalyst for bringing back high MOI, as it helps manage spin-on mishits.
  4. Weight and CG Position:
    • To achieve over 10,000 MOI, a 28-gram weight is placed on the back of the head.
    • The discussion questions the trade-off of pushing MOI to the maximum while retaining other fitting elements.
  5. Practical Testing:
    • Practical testing is conducted on both the Ping G430 Max and the Ping G430 Max 10K.
    • The 10K is praised for its forgiveness, especially on mishits, and its consistency.
  6. Comparison of 10K and Max Performance:
    • The Max driver is described as an all-around performer, while the Ping G430 Max 10K is suggested for a specific speed range.
    • The impact of head weight and shaft characteristics on club speed and efficiency is discussed.
  7. Conclusion:
    • The conclusion emphasizes the importance of fitting and individual characteristics for optimal driver performance.
    • The Max driver is suggested to be the volume play, and the overall message is to encourage golfers to get properly fitted.

Ping says they have six main features that enhance this driver’s performance.

Feature 1 – Most Forgiving Drivers in Golf

PING’s largest head profile to date maximizes both the allowable heel-toe and front-back dimensions set by the USGA, all while remaining within the 460cc volume limit. This achievement surpasses the previous milestone of 10,000 combined moments of inertia, a feat first accomplished by the G400 MAX driver.

Ping G430 Max 10K Driver - The Most Forgiving Driver in Golf

Ping G430 Max 10K Driver – The Most Forgiving Driver in Golf

Feature 2 – 28kg Fixed Backweight Design

The strategic placement of the fixed weight is responsible for achieving the record-setting moment of inertia (MOI), as it shifts mass downward and rearward. This lower and deeper centre

Ping G430 10k 28g Fixed Backweight Design

Ping G430 10k 28g Fixed Backweight Design

The strategic placement of the fixed weight is responsible for achieving the record-setting moment of inertia (MOI), as it shifts mass downward and rearward.

This lower and deeper centre of gravity (CG) optimization results in improved launch angles, reduced spin, and enhanced ball speed, ultimately delivering more consistent distance and accuracy.

PING Co-Pilot: Strokes Gained Club Compare

With the remarkable forgiveness of the G430 MAX 10K, golfers may consider using a longer shaft while maintaining an impressively tight left/right dispersion. Tour players, like PING Pro Joaquin Niemann, favour longer-length drivers, achieving both length and accuracy.

To explore how a longer shaft might benefit your game, you can employ PING Co-Pilot’s Strokes Gained Club Compare tool.

Here’s an example: Suppose a player uses a 45-inch shaft with their G430 driver and wishes to gain more distance while preserving or improving accuracy.

The player tries the G430 MAX 10K with a longer 46-inch shaft to test this. After hitting several shots with both setups to collect representative data, you can input this player’s information into the Strokes Gained Club Compare tool.

This tool allows you to assess how their Strokes Gained off the tee may change with the new driver setup. In this scenario, the player gained an impressive 15 yards thanks to the increased shaft length and improved offline standard deviation due to the MAX 10K’s high MOI. Let’s input their data into SGCC to see the detailed results.

Ping G430 Max 10K Testing

Ping G430 Max 10K Testing

Feature 3 – Thinner Face Optimised for More Ball Speed

The MAX 10K driver builds upon the well-established performance of the G430 driver family’s face design, incorporating a slightly shallower and thinner forged face. This engineering refinement ensures the golf ball achieves faster speeds off the clubface.

Ping G430 Max 10k Thinner Face

Ping G430 Max 10k Thinner Face

Feature 4 – Spinsistency

A variable roll radius reduces loft low on the face, ultimately enhancing performance by reducing spin. This, in turn, leads to faster ball speeds, resulting in consistently longer drives. Moreover, Spinsistency improves hits high on the face and complements the driver’s MOI.

Feature 5 – CarbonFly Wrap

The introduction of Carbonfly Wrap marks a significant milestone for the MAX driver series, making it the first to incorporate this ultra-lightweight composite crown.

By reallocating the weight savings from the crown, we have achieved a lower centre of gravity (CG), increasing ball speed and MOI (Moment of Inertia). Additionally, this composite material contributes to a more powerful and enjoyable impact experience.

Ping G430 Max 10K Driver - Carbonfly Wrap

Ping G430 Max 10K Driver – Carbonfly Wrap

Feature 6 – Trajectory Tuning 2.0

Including an 8-position hosel in the driver design gives golfers the flexibility to fine-tune their preferences. This hosel allows for easy adjustments to loft (up to ±1.5°) and lie (up to 3° flatter than standard), enabling precise customization of ball flight characteristics for optimal performance.

Ping G430 Max 10k Driver Trajectory Tuning 2.0

Ping G430 Max 10k Driver Trajectory Tuning 2.0

This combination delivers added distance and accuracy. The heavier backweight, at 28g, is partially achieved by saving 5g from the carbon crown (13g fully installed), creating a powerful fusion of precision and distance catering to the needs of golfers ranging from tour professionals to everyday players.

New Ping G430 Max 10K Driver Overview

New Ping G430 Max 10K Driver Overview

PING’s largest head profile maximizes the USGA-allowable dimensions from heel to toe and front to back while staying within the 460cc volume limit. This visually appealing design aids in aligning the golfer with the target, instilling the confidence to hit longer and straighter tee shots.

The Carbonfly Wrap on the crown also contributes to a slightly louder and less muted impact experience, complementing the larger profile head.


  • A 28g fixed backweight strategically lowers and deepens the centre of gravity, resulting in PING’s most accurate, forgiving, and lowest spinning 460cc driver.
  • The Carbonfly Wrap crown weighs 13g when fully installed and saves 5g of weight, effectively lowering the CG and increasing MOI.
  • A thinner, shallower forged face is optimized for enhanced flexing, ball speed, and distance.
  • Spinsistency, a variable face roll radius, optimizes spin consistency, leading to improved distance.
  • PING’s largest head profile enables record-setting MOI and inspires confidence for longer, straighter drives.
  • The sound profile is slightly louder than the G430 MAX, providing a powerful sensation.
  • The lightweight Trajectory Tuning 2.0 hosel allows for adjustability of +- 1.5° to fine-tune the ideal ball flight.
  • The G430 HL (High Launch) build (18g backweight) is available in all lofts, catering to golfers with slower swing speeds.


  • Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12° (adjustable +-1.5°)
  • Head Size: 460cc
  • Standard Length: 45 3/4″
  • Head weight: 206g
  • Backweight: 28g
PING G430 MAX 10K Driver

PING G430 10K Max Driver

To see fantastic product reviews and the latest golf equipment, visit our YouTube Channel, where resident golf professional Mark Crossfield highlights the best in golf.

This driver compliments the four other drivers in the range: the Ping G430 Max Driver, The Ping G430SFT Driver, The Ping G430 LST Driver and the Ping G430 HL Max Driver.

Here are the key takeaways regarding the PING G430 MAX 10K driver:

  • PING’s most forgiving driver to date
  • Features a fixed backweight for a lower and deeper centre of gravity (CG)
  • Utilizes a Carbonfly Wrap crown for weight savings and improved performance
  • Incorporates Spinsistency technology for consistent ball speed and distance across the face
  • Produces a slightly louder and more powerful sound upon impact
  • Boasts a thinner face optimized for increased ball speed and greater distance
  • In PING Proving Grounds testing, the G430 MAX 10K exhibited 100-300 rpm less spin than the G430 MAX.
  • The Strokes Gained Club Compare tool is an excellent way to illustrate the potential performance gains with the G430 MAX 10K, particularly when experimenting with various configurations, such as adjusting the length.

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