Latest Garmin Golf GPS Devices Reviewed

By on April 6, 2019

We take a look and review the latest Garmin Golf GPS Devices.

Here at The Golf Shop Online we have undertaken and reviewed the Garmin Golf GPS S6 Watch, the New S20 Watch and the latest G10 hand held device.

In our detailed review we look at some of the key points, that should help you to make your decision when choosing your new Garmin Golf GPS Device.

Garmin Golf GPS

Garmin Golf GPS

  • Looks and Feel
  • Features
  • Technology
  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility

The Garmin Golf GPS Approach S6 Watch Review.

Golf GPS Devices have been around for many years now, however Garmin Golf’s Approach S6 Watch has almost reinvented this category, with an incredible new watch worthy for any major player.

The first thing you notice when you take the Garmin Golf S6 Watch out of the packet and into your hand, is how light it feels. The S6 weighs in at just 47grams. So when the watch is on your wrist you hardly notice it’s there. Garmin’s S6 watch has been designed with a very sporty look to it, available in 3 colours, white, black or black orange. The S6 watch is made from a flexible and durable rubber material, the strap has been designed with small air holes so when it is on your wrist, it allows for a great amount of breathability. Very soft to wear with no hard plastic digging in to you anywhere. What I also noticed, that was very nice, is the large round face the Garmin Golf S6 watch boasts, at 2.5cm (1 inch) this makes the screen very easily viewable, however the only drawback is, that the S6 watch is slightly difficult to get under a jumper sleeve, but as GPS watches go, for on course wear it is very good.

Garmin Golf GPS Approach S6 Watch

Garmin Golf GPS Approach S6 Watch

The main feature of Golf GPS watches, is to measure distances. The Garmin Golf Approach S6 Watch picks up your location straight away and locates the golf course you are on, from its pre-loaded 40,000 course data. You get a very clear display, in big digits, the front, middle and back distances of the green. Like previous models the S6 Approach watch features a combination of buttons with a touch screen to navigate your way around the device. The watch is very responsive and touching up or down allows you to go through the holes. Pin Pointer is a neat new feature which brings up the Pin position, distance and direction, very handy when the green can’t been seen. The Approach S6 gives you a map of the hole you are playing, but in honesty this does view very small on screen. Garmin Golf’s Approach S6 watch comes with a USB charging cradle which clips neatly onto the back of the watch.

Since this article has been written Garmin have now updated there range and the most recent model is the Garmin S70 GPS Watch which has all the features of the S6 and more

There is no mains adaptor, but near enough everyone now has a computer that it can plug into, this also allows you to upload your course and playing data to your computer, on the Garmin Express Website where you can manage your account online. As far as Golf GPS Devices go the Garmin Golf GPS Approach S6 watch is very easy to use, even for the less advanced of us in technology and I really feel it justifies it’s price tag fully, as its not just measuring distance, it gives you so much more.

Learn more about the Garmin Golf Approach S6 Watch here.

The Garmin Golf GPS Approach S20 Watch Review

Released this year to go with the Latest Garmin Golf GPS Device is the new Approach S20. This GPS watch is a real trendsetting, fashion icon. Designed with a touch of class to it, the Garmin Golf Approach S20 has the look and feel of a watch you could wear for all occasions. On first looks out of the box the S20 feels like a quality build, extremely light at 42grams, and with a fully hinged breathable strap, made from durable rubber this watch has been designed for performance. What set’s it apart, is the Square face, making it look like a watch you could wear day to day. The high resolution display allows for easy viewing.  Packed full of the best features, some added benefits to the Approach S20 is the activity tracker, where you can track and monitor your steps and calories as you walk around the golf course, for those health reasons. On the golf course you will be able to se the precise distances to the front, middle and back of the green, as well as the hazards that could be surrounding it. After you have played your round you can analyse the location and distance of every shot, via the Garmin Connect smartphone app. The Approach S20 is able to record your data through the new Auto Shot, round analyser feature. When paired with your mobile phone you will be able to receive smart notifications, like e-mails, texts and calls via bluetooth connectivity.

Garmin Golf S20 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Golf S20 GPS Golf Watch

The Garmin Golf GPS Approach S20 Watch is available in 3 smart and complimentary colours, which doesn’t make it look offensive on the wrist. In the box you will get a neat charging USB clip to power up, the watch has a battery life of 8 weeks when fully charged and 15 hours when in GPS Mode. I think it is fair to say the New Garmin Golf Approach S20 is all the watch you need. A fantastic, stylish looking watch that is packed with so many features, it really does give you a lot for your money and well worth considering the investment, when looking at a GPS watch or device.

Check out the New Garmin Golf Approach S20 here.

Garmin Golf GPS Approach G10 Review.

Its not just watches that Garmin Golf produce, to go with the Latest Garmin Golf GPS Device’s, is the New Approach G10. This is a handheld Garmin Golf GPS device.

This is Garmin’s most smallest and compact GPS device yet. The Approach G10 can conveniently attach itself onto you belt, bag or pocket. Pre-loaded with 40,000 international golf courses, the Approach G10 gives you precise yardage distances like the watches from front, middle and back of the green, with the added bonus of providing you with the hazards in the surrounding area. Incredibly lightweight at just a mere 28grams. What I felt was comforting, is the large display area, which is fully maximised and sunlight readable. No space has been wasted, with the buttons on the side of the device. The Garmin Golf GPS Approach G10 is a totally versatile device and fantastic value if you are not looking to spend a fortune the Approach G10 ticks all those boxes.

Garmin Golf G10

Garmin Golf G10

Take a closer look at the Latest Garmin Golf GPS Approach G10 here.

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