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How to Pick a Putter

By on February 13, 2020

Finding the right putter is an important part of golfing. Putters are not one size fits all and you will want one that fits you best. The length of the putter is important and you have to factor in your specific type of swing. Not everybody swings the putter the same. The weight is also a factor. The type of swing you have is effected by the weight. You will also want to have the right grip for your swing.

Key Takeaways:

  • To find a putter design that fits your swing style, you have to consider the distance from the shaft axis to the center of the face.
  • Having the correct swing weight means that the putter will feel right when you use it.
  • Your grip should work with your source of motion and should not be used to fix your stroke.

“The wrong length or lie will put you in a position where you don’t see the line accurately, and it’s all downhill from there.”

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