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Golf equipment truths: Why you should consider a higher-lofted fairway wood – Golf Digest

By on February 24, 2020

Some professional golfers believe that the higher loft will give you more height and will give you a better distance. About 15% of all PGA Tour players use a higher lofted fairway wood club with 16 degrees or more. Players like Brooks Koepka and Adam Scott use their fairway wood club. Tony Finau uses his 17.5 degree fairway wood all the time and says that it is very effective. More players need to learn about this club.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fairway woods with more loft are becoming more and more popular on the PGA tour.
  • The players can elevate the ball no matter what woods they use, but higher loft means more height.
  • An advantage of using a wood is that it is a more accurate club than a standard driver.

“Fact is, about 15 percent of PGA Tour players have their strongest-lofted fairway wood at 16 degrees or higher.”

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