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Golf Balls Buying Guide

By on January 14, 2020

What are the different types of Golf ball?

You can narrow the search for golf balls by putting them into three different categories which are distance, spin and a combination of both of these.

Distance balls

These do what they say and will generally hit the ball the furthest and if you want to get the ball out there then choose a distance ball. Unfortunately most distance balls go a long way because they are low spinning which means that you will lose some control when you are on and around the greens. These balls tend to feel quite hard when you hit them and are often the least expensive of all balls. All new golfers should use these balls.

Spin Balls

These balls are generally used by better players. They will tend to spin a little more which gives the player the chance to control the shots that they hit into the greens. They will have a softer feel to them and you can curve these balls nicely which is preferred by the good golfer. These balls will tend to be the most expensive as they will have multi layers and are more expensive to develop.

Combo Balls

Popular amongst a lot of players are the balls that are a mix of spin and distance. They are a great ball for so many golfers as you only sacrifice a small amount of distance but you do get some control when playing your shots to the green. They will often have a soft feel to them and are generally good value.

Golf Balls for the New Golfer

We highly recommend that a new golfer uses a distance golf ball and to buy the budget 15 ball packs that are available. When you start out you will lose quite a lot of balls and you don’t want to be losing balls worth £3.00 plus. Also at this stage you will not notice the difference between a 50p ball and a £3.00 ball

Golf balls for the Advanced Player

Most good golfers like a ball that can spin and gives them the ultimate control. Nowadays the multi layer balls can give some extra distance as well but we would certainly recommend the majority of lower handicaps choose a ball that they can control.

Golf Balls For Everyone

The golf ball market is full of balls that would suit the majority of golfers and these balls are good for distance and will spin nicely as well.

Many of the golf manufactures have an online golf ball fitting tool which can be a great help when choosing your golf ball. The ones we can find are listed below

Titleist ball fitting guide Srixon ball fitting guide Callaway ball fitting guide


Years ago the compression of a golf ball was an important factor to look at when buying your balls. These days it is not relevant and it is something that the manufactures have now removed from the packaging.

Warm Your Balls

It is a known fact that a warm ball will travel further and with this in mind during the colder months it is a good strategy to keep a ball in your pocket and swap the ball on each hole. This could gain you up to 10 extra yards from the tee.

Mark Your Golf Ball

The rules of golf state that you must be able to identify your golf ball and it can be a harsh lesson when you cannot as you will have to declare the ball lost and play another ball with a penalty of one stroke.

A simple marker pen (sharpies seem best) can be use to put your individual mark on a golf ball and you can be as creative as you like or you may want to use one of the fantastic tin cup markers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Different Balls

There really is a massive range of balls on the market and we would really encourage you to try as many as you can. You never know that the perfect ball for you may be the one you have not tried yet but hopefully this golf balls buying guide will help you.

About James Langmead

James Langmead is the golf professional at Stover Golf Club in Newton Abbot

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