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Galvin Green Golf Jacket Buyers Guide

By on August 5, 2020

Galvin Green Waterproof Jacket Buyers Guide 



Galvin Green make some of the best golf waterproofs in the world and they have an extensive range but how do you know which one to buy.

Within this buyers guide we will try and help you make the best choice and guide you to a jacket that you will enjoy and have for years to come but firstly you need to know a little about the technology and terminology that Galvin Green use.


Every waterproof jacket that they make has gore-tex fabric and this ensures that the garment is fully waterproof and will keep you dry however not only will it keep the water out but it lets the vapor out which allows the garment to breath. The Gore-tex fabric is very durable and hard wearing

Gore-Tex Paclite

This is still waterproof and breathable however the paclite is lighter and allows more freedom within the golf swing and has been specifically designed to help the golfer feel unrestricted whilst on the course

Stretch Material

Over the past few season Galvin Green has developed a jacket that stretches which

is of a huge benefit when playing golf. These jackets can be a little more expensive but you will really enjoy the comfort

Full Zip

A full zip jacket is a style that you see on most coats were the zip all the way from top to bottom

Half Zip

A half zip jacket is a style of jacket which you apply over your head (like sweater) and the zip only goes half way down the garment. This style is preferred by the lower handicap players as it avoids having too much material around your stomach area.

Short Sleeve

A short sleeve jacket will only have sleeves to about half the length of your arm perhaps just beyond the elbow. This is enjoyed by players that like the freedom of minimal material when swinging and is gaining in popularity. The downside of this style is that they are not as useful for general wear.

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About James Langmead

James Langmead is the golf professional at Stover Golf Club in Newton Abbot

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