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Callaway’s Three Mavriks

By on February 27, 2020

Callaway has introduced a new driver line called Mavrik that is implementing artificial intelligence as well as machine learning into their clubs. The clubs have an improvement system in them that lets golfers know how to improve their golf swing and hitting pattern based off of where they are hitting the ball on the driver. Callaway has also introduced woods and hybrids under this line as well. The drivers will retail at £449 and was released on January 23rd. They will be a must buy for any golfer who loves new technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Callaway has created a new set of drivers called Mavrik and they use artificial intelligence and machine learning to boost performance.
  • The Mavriks have software installed within them that lets the player know how to improve their shot, letting them know where they’re hitting on the ball.
  • These drivers will be available on January 23rd and will cost $500. Callaway also plans to release woods and hybrids under this name too.

“For the new golf season Callaway Golf has three new drivers the Mavrik, Mavrik Sub Zero and Mavrik Max that use second generation designs created by a supercomputer.”

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