Callaway Rogue ST 2022 Range

By on January 25, 2022

Callaway is back with a massive lineup for 2022 that sees the return of Rogue with their Rogue ST range. Standout technologies include a new Tungsten Speed Cartridge and a brand new A.I. designed face that have been incorporated into a variety of models to optimise launch characteristics by maximising speed and forgiveness. From the better player’s Triple Diamond LS and max LS drivers to the game improvement Max OS Lite irons, Callaway’s new range promises plenty of options for all, so see below to see which options could be the best fit for you this season.

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Callaway Rogue ST 2022 Lineup


Potentially the headliner that you will see in tour bags worldwide is the Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS. This is the lowest spinning option in the range with a compact head and slight fade bias to encourage shot shaping to suit the eye of the better player. However, if it’s workability you’re after, the Max LS model is the one for you with the most neutral ball flight of Callaway’s new drivers. This is combined with increased MOI and forgiveness compared to the Triple Diamon whilst maintaining low spin rates to create the perfect driver for mid-low handicap golfers. Callaway golf ball teed up in front of a Rogue ST Driver

The ST Max uses the highest MOI head of the range with a slight draw bias to produce the best combination of distance and forgiveness. This will be a great all-around option for a considerable number of golfers of varying abilities. The final driver of the range is the Rogue ST Max D. Designed for maximum forgiveness, the Max D utilises decreased face progression and an upright lie to increase MOI. Internal and external weight distribution match a generous profile at address to optimise shot shape correction and draw bias. The Max and Max D are also available as standard ladies options incorporating the same technologies and benefits. 

Callaway Rogue ST Max fairway woodFairway Woods

As the low spin fairway wood, the Rogue ST LS utilises a 28g Tungsten Speed Cartridge to drive C.G. forward along with a deeper face and smaller footprint to optimise launch and workability for the lower handicap golfers. Like its driver counterpart, the ST Max fairway is an excellent option for an extensive range of players. It offers overall performance through high levels of speed and forgiveness with a mid-launch and subtle draw bias. This is also the most comprehensive fairway wood in the range, available in 3-11 wood. Finally, the Max D, Callaway’s first draw-bias fairway wood is a great game improvement option for those who tend to slice the ball. It produces high launch and maximum shot shape correction through a slightly closed face, upright lie and increased weight in the heel. As with the drivers, both the ST Max and Max D are available in mens and ladies options.

HybridsCallaway Rogue ST Pro Hybrid

Callaway’s Rogue ST Pro hybrid favours the better player with a compact, fairway wood-like head shape. A shallow face and neutral C.G. makes this the most workable club in the range. On the other hand, the ST Max is the longest of Callaway’s hybrids as it uses stronger lofts to appeal to a variety of golfers looking to improve the speed and forgiveness of their hybrid. The oversized head and draw bias of the Rogue ST Max OS maximises forgiveness and is an excellent option for higher handicap golfers. Loft options ranging from 3-8 hybrids vastly improve the set makeup options within game improvement clubs. Similarly, the ST Max OS Lite and Ladies’ Lite hybrids provide the benefits of forgiveness and all-around game improvement, but in a more lightweight alternative, making it more user-friendly for all.


Callaway’s new Rogue ST iron models benefit from faster ball speeds across the face and optimised launch conditions due to the precise placement of up to 260% more Tungsten by weight than the previous Mavrik equivalents. The Rogue ST Pro irons complementCallaway Rogue ST Max Irons Callaway Rogue ST Pro Ironsthe current apex iron range in the mid-low handicap market. It is the fastest players’ iron ever made by Callaway, aided by hollow body construction and a compact head shape for improved workability. Alternatively, the ST Max’s strong lofts combined with their game improvement head shape help them boast the title of Callaway’s longest ever irons. Suitable for a wide range of golfers, they provide balanced overall performance, optimising speed and forgiveness. 

The Rogue ST Max OS irons prioritise high launch, using wide soles and more offset to encourage shot shape correction and the optimal ball flight for mid-high handicap golfers that want to maximise the output of their irons. The Max OS Lite and Ladies’ Lite improve playability and launch through lighter swing weights and shafts.

What can we learn from the Callaway Rogue ST range?

The key theme running through this range is the improvements in consistently high ball speeds and forgiveness on all strikes across the face of each club in this range that promises to be a huge benefit to golfers of all abilities in 2022. The low spinning, fade bias woods and compact, workable shape of the pro hybrids and irons could be influential in helping better players reach a new level of performance. On the other hand, the oversized profile and increased MOI throughout game-improvement options are sure to improve consistency and lower the scores of higher handicap golfers. It is worth noting that each club in the Rogue ST range comes with a range of custom-fit options to tailor them to your game perfectly. If you have any queries at all regarding custom fitting or Callaway’s new range, please don’t hesitate to contact us or use our “Ask the Pro” tool, and one of our PGA professionals would be happy to assist you. At The Golf Shop Online, we offer a 60-day play better promise and a price promise to match any change in price over the pre-sale period.

Callaway Rogue ST 2022 Driver Range

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