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The best driver of 2020 Which is the best driver of 2020? – Today’s Golfer

By on February 17, 2020

Each year a new driver comes out and all the golf fanatics want to take a crack at it and come up with the best and the worst drivers. It’s hard to come by one with no reviews, but with social media at everyone’s finger tips, it’s common to find a lot of information about drivers that are not new. Some of these are fairly new but it’s so simple to share information about them. Over the years though a list has been compiled of some of the best, and most talked about drivers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Excitement lingers at the beginning of each new year as sports companies roll out their golf drivers to anxious golfers.
  • Numerous drivers were compared head to head for the first time this year to assist golfers in selecting the right club for themselves.
  • Video provided a clear picture of the comparisons between various brands. Well worth the time reviewing the results.

“Every January there’s a flurry of excitement as golfs biggest brands pull the covers from their new equipment ranges.”

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