Servicing Your Electric Trolley

By on December 3, 2021

Although they are seen as a great help and essential to many on the golf course, there’s no denying that electric trolleys can be an investment which is why we should do everything we can to look after it so it can look after us for as long as possible. Alongside an extended warranty and the general care suggested in product manuals, regularly servicing your electric trolley is a great way to do this. Much like an MOT on your car, getting a professional to check over the trolley’s mechanics and electrics regularly can keep your trolley running smoothly and prevent any costly problems at a later date. 

A PowaKaddy CT6 trolley

What Goes Into Servicing my Electric Trolley and Why Should I Get One?

A general trolley service involves checking over all the major components of the trolley to ensure they are all in working order. This includes any mechanical or electrical elements at risk of wear and tear, such as coming loose or dislodged from frequent use over uneven ground. These checks can highlight simple preventative measures such as lubricating any moving parts or replacing electrical components that could lead to more significant issues. 

Services often include tests of the battery and charger to assess their performance over time. If a trolley isn’t working efficiently, it can draw surplus power from the battery, putting excess stress on the battery and reducing its run time. Alternatively, if a battery is regularly used for less than the full duration it is intended for (usually 18 or 36 holes), it can develop a “memory” that can eventually weaken the battery and reduce its capacity.

A PowaKaddy Plug N Play battery

When Should I Get a Trolley Service?

Servicing your electric trolley is often recommended annually but this can change depending on its usage. This tends to be at the end of the season, before it goes into storage, or in the new year before the start of the main season if it has been used through the extreme conditions that can come with winter golf. However, if you feel like the performance of your trolley is declining and its usage is increasing then it might be worth consulting your local professional or electric trolley specialist to arrange a more regular service.

How do I Access a Local Service Provider?

To find your local electric trolley servicing agent, please follow the attached links depending on whether your trolley is PowaKaddy or Motocaddy. Alternatively, if you’re struggling to find a local agent or have any queries about trolley servicing, feel free to contact us and our team of staff and PGA professionals will be on hand to help out as much as we can.

A PowaKaddy trolley in its storage bag

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