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Review Of 2020 Bridgestone Balls

By on March 20, 2020

Review Of 2020 Bridgestone Golf Balls 

You may associate Bridgestone as being a world class tyre producer but they’ve used their skill and knowledge to make leading breakthroughs in the golf ball market. Bridgestone B golf balls, have been carefully engineered by a team of experts, to fit your individual style of play. So now you can step your game up using Bridgestone B golf balls just like the pros.

New for 2020 is the Bridgestone VFIT system. Using 3 Simple steps, you can find out which Bridgestone Golf Ball you need.

1- Grab a phone, a friend to record and plenty of golf balls

2- Record your Swing on landscape mode and Slow-motion mode

3- Send the video off to Bridgestone Golf or e-mail through to and we’ll help you out with your ball fitting.

Bridgestone Golf Banner

Video On Which Golf Ball You’ll Need!

Bridgestone B RX Golf Ball

First up the B RX ball, designed for the golfer who has a swing speed under 105MPH, the B RX ball provides a higher ball speed for maximum distance while maintaining a “hit and sit” performance on approach shots. Bridgestone used a dual dimple technology which allows this ball extra distance and enhanced aerodynamics so as with all the balls for 2020, the B RX is no different and features Bridgestone’s all new REACTIV cover technology. This technology creates more distance and spin.

Bridgestone B RXS Golf Ball

The B RXS ball played by the legendary Fred Couples. As quoted by him “ I don’t play the same ball as Tiger, But I found a better ball for me. For me, the softer RXS is a perfect fit” With Bridgestone there’s a ball for everyone and the RXS is the perfect example. Yes, this ball is perfect for the golfer who has a swing speed under 105MPH just like the RX but if you’re looking for a softer feel ball and maximum green side spin this is the ball you need.

Bridgestone B X Golf Ball

Next up is the B X ball, as used on tour by PGA Professionals Bryson DeChambeau and Matt Kuchar. Both have high praise for this golf ball with Matt Kuchar quoting “ The Bridgestone Team is so impressive. Every year they continue to improve and innovate. They are onto something special with this new REACTIV cover” A ball designed for the longer and more aggressive golfer with Bridgestone stating that this ball is for tour fast swing speeds of over 105MPH. The new TOUR B X has higher ball speeds for maximum distance. Furthermore it features a  ‘hit and sit’ performance on approach shots, giving that extra grip on the greens.

Bridgestone B XS Golf Ball

Last, but by no means least the B XS ball played by the main man himself Tiger Woods. Designed by Tiger Woods, he explains “ I’ve worked with Bridgestone’s R&D team for nearly 20 years now so I know they are the market leader in golf ball innovation.” Another ball designed for swing speeds over 105MPH however unlike the B X ball, this ball provides a softer feel and maximum green side spin for this pitch shots. Consistent accuracy, distance and trajectory, this ball could be the one for you!

To View all the Bridgestone 2020 ball range, please click this link.

Bridgestone B Ball range

How the REACTIV Urethane Cover Works


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