Mark Crossfield Premium Golf Ball Test

By on April 22, 2022

When it comes to a premium golf ball, many golfers have their preferences of brand or model that they stick to for one reason or another, often because they’re sold the dream or have friends that swear by it, but how do the numbers stack up against each other? To find out and help inform your buying decisions, our resident PGA professional, Mark Crossfield, has looked at 3 of the most popular models and put them to the test from 50 yards with the help of our Golf Shop Online simulator.

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The Results

The 3 balls in question are the Srixon Z Star, TaylorMade TP5 and Titleist Pro V1. Although all would be considered a premium golf ball, prices can vary, with the Srixon currently being the best value offering of the 3, whilst the Pro V1 comes in as the most expensive at the time of publication.

The main characteristic that was apparent across all 3 balls was the premium soft feel provided by the Urethane coverings, giving golfers the feeling of the ball gripping on the grooves through impact. However, Mark found subtle differences in sound through contact, potentially due to the slightly different construction methods within the core of the balls. Each offering gave a ‘clippy’ sound through impact, but this was most noticeable with the TP5 and was slightly less apparent with the Pro V1.

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As we can see in the video below, the dispersion in the numbers was very tight across all 3 balls, reflecting the quality of these offerings with only subtle differences in spin rates.

Overall, it would be challenging to tell the difference between all 3 through a blind test without using a launch monitor. As with many pieces of golf equipment, a lot can come down to personal preference due to the unique nature of each swing and playing style.

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However, the ball is one thing you use more than any on the course, so it may be worth looking into to ensure you are playing the best one for you. Each of these balls is available to buy on our website, along with excellent saving multi-buy offers. Finally, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us or use our “Ask the Pro” tool, and one of our PGA pros would be pleased to assist you.

One of the balls that was not on the premium list but performed solidly was the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

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