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Logo Golf Balls. Frequently asked questions.

By on February 24, 2020

Over the last few years we have seen a large increase in the amount of people who have bought logo golf balls. Not only has this concept been very popular amongst  smaller golf societies but also we have found much larger companies like car dealerships, solicitors, manufactures and accountants using logo golf balls. To put your company logo, telephone number or web address on a golf ball is a great way of marketing your business and can be used as give always to your clients. We have accounts with a wide range of golf ball manufactures who specialise in this product and can offer a quality ball at a price that is right for your budget.

We have popped below our most frequently asked questions from our clients when enquiring about logo golf balls which I hope will help you, however if you have any questions please email or call our sales team.

What is the difference between logo golf balls and personalised golf balls? Logo golf balls carry a corporate logo in the customer’s specific pantone colours where personalised golf balls are text only in one standard colour.

What is the minimum order? 12 dozen (144 balls) is the minimum quantity. Your product will be delivered in dozen boxes with four individual sleeves of three balls within. This is always very handy so you don’t feel that you need to give out in dozens but instead in nicely presented sleeves of three. Your can also mix and match your golf ball. As long as you use the same manufacture you can have for example 8 dozen of one ball and 4 dozen of another.

How long does it take to receive my order? This does depend on the manufacture but generally 10-14 days after the artwork has been approved. Our orders will be sent out DPD on a signed fast service.

Can I do a rush order if I have a deadline? Yes, that is possible but does depend on how busy the manufacture is at the time. Normally there is a charge imposed on us by the supplier but can be turned around in about 4 days after approval. Please enquire if you require more information.

How do I supply my logo? We will contact you directly to arrange for your logo to be emailed over to us. You can supply this in either a Giff , PDF, EPS or JPeg file.

Can I make sure the colours printed of the balls match perfectly to my corporate colours? Yes no problems, if you supply us the pantone colours of you logo we will forward them over to the manufacture, otherwise they will match from the email image.

Can I check the logo before printing? All our orders will need to be approved by the customer. Once the manufacture has set up the logo, we will email it to you for approval. You will be able to see what it will look like on the ball and the pantone colour and codes used. You will need to approve and email this back to us before printing can be started.

How large is the printable area? This does vary slightly between manufactures but generally is 18mm square, 22mm circle or 10mm x 28mm rectangle colour logo on one pole of the golf ball.

Will the brand of the golf ball still be printed on the ball? Yes, all the balls will still have the normal manufactures logo and model on the ball.

Can I put more than one logo on the ball? Our prices quoted are for single pole printing but for a small extra cost you can print on a second pole.

Can I pop my phone number or web address on the ball as well? We would strongly recommend this and you can pop it within the same pole but under the logo. Please remember this all has to be within the printable area so the more text, the smaller the logo will be.

What does you online prices include and is there any extra costs? All our stated prices include 1-2 colour printing. You can print up to 5 colours and this will be costed depending on the complexity of the logo. Extra colour printing is not expensive and we will make sure you are aware of the increase in charge before ordering. VAT is included within all our advertised prices so if you are a VAT registered business and purchasing them for business needs you will be able to claim your VAT back as per normal. A full VAT receipt will be supplied.

Can I pop a photo on the ball instead of a logo? Yes no problems, these are always popular especially for weddings but are great if you want an image of your product one side of the ball and your logo the other side.

What is the print quality?  We have never had a client that has been dissatisfied with the quality. All balls are pad printed and final coated to offer a truly professional finish. The image is hard wearing and will not come off in any way through normal use.

Please see our range of Logo Golf Balls.

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