Top 10 Best Golf Bags with Stands 2024 – Updated

By on February 13, 2024

Top 10 Best Golf Bags with Stands 2024

More and more golfers now prefer to carry their own golf bags rather than use a golf trolley. However, many are forced to get a golf bag with a stand as the golf course may well ban the use of buggies and electric trolleys.

In this guide, we review the Top 10 Best golf bags with stands, including some of the basic models and the deluxe, all-bells-and-whistles versions.

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Here is the list of the golf bags with stands, with a brief description of each golf bag underneath.

Longridge 5 Inch Travelite Stand Golf Bag

  • Ultra-lightweight golf bag.
  • 2 Zipped pockets.
  • Mesh accessories pocket.
  • Shoulder strap & carry handle.
  • Holds 6 clubs.
  • Removable Hood.
  • Weighs 1.84kg.

The Longridge 5-inch Travelite Golf Bag with stand is a fantastic option for those on the move or seeking a lightweight bag for a streamlined club selection. The cushioned top ensures added security for your golf clubs, and its lightweight yet sturdy construction guarantees a comfortable carrying experience.

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The integrated stand is convenient and straightforward to deploy. This golf bag is also practical and versatile, equipped with two zippered pockets, a mesh accessories pocket, and a removable hood.

TaylorMade Pro Stand Golf Stand Bag

Introducing the TaylorMade Pro Stand Golf Bag, the ultimate choice for golfers who want a high-quality, lightweight bag packed with premium features.

These outstanding golf bags with stands have superior upgrades that elevate their functionality and style, providing everything you need to excel on the course.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight design, only 2KG.
  • 4-Point double carry strap system for easy transport.
  • Versatile for walking the course or using on a cart.
  • Larger 9″ 7-way top with easy lift grab handle.
  • Ample space for golf clubs and accessories.
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Storage and Convenience:

  • 7 pockets, including a fur-lined valuables pocket, clothing pocket, ball pocket, and more.
  • Dedicated putter well.
  • 360° zip-off ball pocket for easy access.
  • Fit-to-hand grab handle for convenience.

Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Stand Bag

The updated Ping Hooferlite Golf Stand Bag is a lightweight and pragmatic choice for golfers seeking a dependable bag that won’t be a burden. Its lightweight design ensures easy manoeuvrability around the course, catering to players who prefer walking.

The bag’s padded straps, equipped with a back puck for single-strap conversion, enhance comfort and convenience, making carrying effortless. The stand system is robust and reliable, offering stability so golfers can concentrate on their game without concerns about the bag tipping over.

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Key Features:

  • Adjustable Shoulder Pads with SensorCool Technology for temperature control.
  • Cushioned Hip Pad for added comfort and support during the round.
  • Rigid 4-Way Top for sturdy and spacious club protection.
  • New Strap Connector for easy conversion from backpack style to a single-strap carry.
  • Water bottle pocket conveniently located for quick hydration.
  • Range-finder Pocket for easy access to dial in your next shot.

Ping Hoofer Golf Stand Bag

The updated Ping Hoofer Golf Stand Bag seamlessly blends lightweight functionality, meticulous details, and ample storage with its 16 strategically placed pockets, ensuring everything is within reach.

Featuring a convertible strap system, this bag offers the flexibility to be carried as a backpack or a single strap, providing golfers with options for transporting their clubs. With various colour choices, you can select one that complements your personal style.

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Key Features:

  • Adjustable Shoulder Pads with SensorCool Technology for comfort and temperature control.
  • Attached Rain Hood that deploys from the cushioned hip pad to keep clubs dry during wet conditions.
  • Cart-Strap Channel for securing the bag onto a cart, keeping all 11 pockets easily accessible.
  • Five-way reinforced Top for well-protected and organized clubs with anti-flex walls for stability.
  • New Strap Connector for effortless conversion from backpack style to a single-strap carry.
  • Water-Bottle Pocket is conveniently located on the lower part of the bag for easy access.

Titleist Hybrid 14 StaDry Golf Stand Bag

The Titleist Hybrid 14-Way StaDry™ Stand Bag combines cutting-edge StaDry technology for waterproof protection with versatility, ample space, and user-friendly features.

This bag seamlessly transitions into a cart bag, offering adaptability for different preferences. Packed with innovative features, it provides superior organization with a low-profile top cuff.

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Key Features:

  • StaDry™ Waterproof Construction with Seam-Sealed Zippers for ultimate protection against the elements.
  • Push Cart/Trolley Friendly Design ensures compatibility with various golf carts.
  • High-Grade Aluminium Legs and Advanced Hinged Bottom for best-in-class stability and durability.
  • New Premium Double Strap for comfortable and secure carrying.
  • Expandable Clothes Pocket for added storage space.
  • Integrated Cart Strap Tunnel for easy access when securing the bag onto a cart.
  • Double Apparel Pockets for maximum storage capacity.
  • Dual-Density Foam Strap for durability, cushioning, and lasting comfort.
  • Top Cuff with Tour-Inspired Integrated Handles for easy handling.
  • External Water Bottle Pockets for convenient hydration.

Callaway Fairway 14 Stand Golf Bag

The Callaway Fairway 14 Stand Golf Bag is meticulously crafted with a 14-way lowrider top featuring full-length dividers, ensuring optimal organization and protection for your clubs during transit.

This design not only safeguards your clubs but also facilitates easy access and selection when needed. Engineered for ultimate convenience, comfort, and style, the Fairway 14 Stand Golf Bag is the ideal companion for discerning golfers.

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Key Features:

  • 14-Way Lowrider Top: Keeps your clubs meticulously organized and easily accessible.
  • Overmould Quad Port: Provides enhanced protection for your valuable clubs.
  • Outrigger Base: Ensures the bag stays upright, adding stability.
  • Pen Sleeve: Convenient feature for quick note-taking on the course.
  • Quick Clips: Facilitates easy attachment of accessories for on-the-go convenience.
  • Moulded Rubber Handle: Allows for effortless lifting and carrying.
  • Towel Ring: Integrated ring for attaching your golf towel.
  • Bottom Grab Handle: Simplifies lifting and loading of the bag.
  • Moulded Hip Pad: Provides added comfort and support during carrying.
  • Six Pockets: Ample storage space for your golf essentials.
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs.

Wilson EXO Lite Golf Stand Bag


Introducing the EXO Lite Golf Stand Bag, an exceptional choice for golfers seeking a top-quality golf bag with four-way dividers that prioritizes weight efficiency. This innovative design delivers all the features and conveniences of a fully equipped bag without the added burden.

The EXO Lite golf stand bag keeps you organized and efficient on the course. Its 9″ x 8″ four-way top, integrated handle, and two full-length dividers keep your clubs organized and protected.

The bag boasts ample storage options, including a full-length side pocket, a waterproof zipper valuables pocket, a large base pocket for accessories, an additional side pocket, and a spacious open cooler pocket for a rangefinder or beverage.

A standout feature of the EXO Lite stand bag is the conveniently located pocket with a magnetic closure, securely holding a GPS device for easy access while strolling down the fairway.

The 2-in-1 self-balancing double strap system and ergonomic padded straps guarantee comfort, while the Air Flow hip/low back pad provides ventilation. Additional premium features include a sturdy stand system with a reinforced spine rod and molded center handle, umbrella holder, towel ring, glove holder, pen holder, and rain hood.

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The EXO Lite Golf Stand Bag is available in various colours to match your style, including Dynapower, Staff Red, Orange, Dark Blue/Light Blue, Classic Blue/White, and Classic Black/Char.

It’s the perfect option for golfers seeking a lightweight, organized golf bag that doesn’t compromise quality and durability.


  • 9″ x 8″ 4-way Top with integrated handle
  • 2 Full-length dividers
  • 1 Full-length side pocket
  • 1 Waterproof zipper valuables pocket
  • 1 Large base pocket for accessories
  • 1 Large side pocket for accessories
  • 1 Large open cooler pocket for a rangefinder or drink
  • 1 Conveniently located pocket with magnetic closure securely holds GPS, allowing access while walking down the fairway


  • 2-in-1 Self-balancing double strap system
  • Ergonomic padded straps Air Flow hip/low back pad
  • New sturdy stand system with reinforced spine rod and moulded centre handle
  • Umbrella holder
  • Towel ring
  • Glove holder
  • Rain hood
  • Pen holder

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Stand Bag

The Titleist Players 4 Carbon Stand Bag is a model inspired by the renowned Players 4 but incorporates lightweight carbon fibre legs for enhanced strength and an improved weight ratio.

Weighing just under 3 lbs, this lightweight, convenient, and reliable bag is equipped with a premium double strap, 4-way club divider, 6 pockets, and a rain hood.

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  • Lightweight design, weighing just under 3 lbs (1.3kg).
  • Premium double strap for easy carry.
  • Strong and light carbon fibre legs.
  • Durable rip-stop polyester material construction.
  • 4-way top cuff dividers.
  • Exterior mesh water bottle pocket for easy access.
  • Tour-inspired rain hood included.
  • Velcro glove landing patch.
  • 6 pockets for convenient storage.
  • Dimensions: 19.1cm Wide (base width) x 91.1cm Long.

Ben Sayers 6 Inch Golf Bags with Stands

The Ben Sayers 6-inch Stand Bag is a lightweight pencil bag featuring a 4-way divider top, capable of holding a complete set of golf clubs. Ideal for a quick round after work on a delightful summer evening, this bag offers three pockets: a spacious clothing pocket, a soft velour-lined valuables pocket, and a pocket for accessories such as balls and tees.

The Ben Sayers 6″ Stand Bag is extremely user-friendly, thanks to a fully adjustable dual shoulder strap with padded lumbar support. Available in four alternate colours, it provides everything you need for that swift round of golf.

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  • A 6” top cuff with a 4-way divider that can accommodate a complete set of golf clubs.
  • Fully adjustable dual shoulder strap with padded lumbar support.
  • Includes an umbrella cord, towel carabiner, and Velcro glove holder.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available in Black/Blue, Black/Red, Blue, and Grey.

Manufacturer Information:

  • Black/Blue – G6338-01
  • Black/Red – G6339-01
  • Blue/White – G6463
  • Grey – G6464

Callaway Hyperlite Zero Stand Golf Bag

The Hyperlite Zero, setting the standard for ultra-lightweight stand bags, continues to redefine performance with its unparalleled lightness. Featuring a brand-new rubberized Shaft Shield top, it not only offers more space for easy club access but also guards against gradual club shaft damage.

The bag ensures a comfortable carry with anatomic straps that conform to your shoulders and a large hip pad. Its modern ripstop material enhances durability while reducing weight.

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  • New rubberized Shaft Shield™ top for added club protection
  • Extended comfort hip pad for enhanced carrying comfort and support
  • Anatomic straps designed to fit the shape of your body
  • Updated graphics for a fresh, sleek appearance
  • Stiffer handle for increased durability
  • Quick clips for easy accessory attachment
  • Bottom grab handle for convenient lifting and loading
  • Alloy towel ring for added durability
  • 4-way top for organized and easy club access
  • Dedicated phone sleeve for secure phone storage
  • Velour-lined valuables pocket for storing precious items
  • Rain Hood Included for added equipment protection
  • Available in a double strap configuration
  • Weight: 3.0lbs
Best Golf Bags with Stands 2024

Best Golf Bags with Stands 2024

To see fantastic product reviews and the latest golf equipment, visit our YouTube Channel, where resident golf professional Mark Crossfield highlights the best in golf and reviews some of the best bags with stands that feature in the list above.

  1. Longridge 5 Inch Travelite Stand Golf Bag:
    • Lightweight and compact.
    • Ideal for travel or carrying a few clubs.
    • Padded top for club protection.
    • Three pockets and a rain hood.
  2. TaylorMade Pro Stand Golf bags with Stand:
    • Lightweight design (2KG).
    • 4-Point double carry strap system.
    • 9″ 7-way top with easy lift grab handle.
    • 7 pockets, including valuables and clothing pockets.
  3. Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Stand Bag:
    • Lightweight and practical.
    • Padded straps with back puck for single-strap conversion.
    • Sturdy stand system for stability.
    • Adjustable shoulder pads with SensorCool Technology.
  4. Ping Hoofer Golf Stand Bag:
    • Lightweight and spacious.
    • 16 pockets for ample storage.
    • Convertible strap system for backpack or single strap.
    • Adjustable shoulder pads with SensorCool Technology.
  5. Titleist Hybrid 14 StaDry Golf Stand Bag:
    • StaDry Waterproof construction.
    • Versatile design for push carts or trolleys.
    • High-grade aluminium legs for stability.
    • 14-way top with integrated handles.
  6. Callaway Fairway 14 Stand Golf Bag:
    • 14-Way lowrider top for club organization.
    • Overmould quad port for added club protection.
    • Outrigger base for stability.
    • Multiple convenient features, including a towel ring.
  7. Wilson EXO Lite Golf Bags with Stands:
    • Lightweight with a 4-way top.
    • Ample storage options with various pockets.
    • Conveniently located pocket with magnetic closure for GPS.
    • 2-in-1 self-balancing double strap system.
  8. Titleist Players 4 Carbon Stand Bag:
    • Lightweight with carbon fibre legs.
    • Premium double strap for easy carry.
    • 4-way club divider, 6 pockets, and rain hood.
    • Exterior mesh water bottle pocket.
  9. Ben Sayers 6 Inch Golf Stand Bag:
    • 6″ top cuff with 4-way divider.
    • Fully adjustable dual shoulder strap.
    • Multiple accessory features, including towel and glove holders.
    • Lightweight and available in various colours.
  10. Callaway Hyperlite Zero Stand Golf Bag:
    • Ultra-lightweight with a modern ripstop material.
    • New rubberized Shaft Shield top for club protection.
    • Anatomic straps for comfortable carry.
    • Multiple new features, including extended comfort hip pad and alloy towel ring.

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