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Choosing The Correct Grip

By on January 3, 2020

Choosing the correct Grip

Grips form a very important part of the clubs when it comes to Golf. Opting for the correct one is really vital in order to ensure that you are able to play as per your potential. However, the importance and value of the same is often overlooked by most amateurs. Selection of an incorrect size can lead to coming up of a number of different issues including accumulation of excessive tension in the forearms and hands. This tension might release either too quickly or with a delay at the time of swing and both the scenarios would only lead to incorrect shots. This simply means poor performance and higher scores. Here is how you can choose the correct grip size for your clubs.

Check the Current Size

The very first thing that you need to do is check the size of your current grips. For that, grip the club with your left hand if you are a right-hander or with right hand if you are a left-hander. The two middle fingers would touch the palm gently in case the current grip is the right one. If they are a little far off or are getting too deep in the palm, it is better to find the correct size.

Finding the Correct Size

The only way to find the correct size for you is to try a number of different alternatives until you find the perfect one.

In Between Grip

There are chances that you might never find a grip that is perfect as per the above rule of middle fingers touching the palm gently. An in between size might be fitting well. If that is the case, you would need to warp some extra tape on the shaft of the clubs before installing the new grip. Generally, two to three warps are sufficient to get the desired results.

Select the Style and Color

Once you find the correct size, look for different style options and choose the one that matches your personality. You can also opt for a color as per your wish. If you know the correct size, buying online would provide a better range for your selection. You can also get some great discounts along with free shipping at your home.

About James Langmead

James Langmead is the golf professional at Stover Golf Club in Newton Abbot

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