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Titleist 917 Driver Settings

By on December 4, 2019

How To Change The Weights In The Titleist 917 Driver And Fairway Wood

The Titleist 917 Driver and fairway wood range. SureFit CG is 5 years of research, that has lead to the design of Titleist Golf’s revolutionary weight changing channel. How you change and use those weights could transform your game, we show you how and all you need to know.


Having moveable weights in a Driver or Fairway wood is nothing new, however what you do with those weights can greatly aid your game and help you to get the most out of this specific club.

The Weights

The SureFit CG weight system, that has been integrated into the sole of the new 917 Driver, is a cylinder made from composite material. Inside this will house an array of weights, you can slide in and out ranging from, 8gram – 16grams. Titleist say this system uses 10grams less than any other sliding weight system on todays market.


Once you have decided on the weight you would like to insert, you will notice there are 2 or so options for you to choose from, a neutral version of the weight and a Draw/Fade version. The neutral weight will be balanced evenly at either end however the Draw and Fade option has been designed with a heavy and light end. This has been clearly indicated on the weights, with a circle indicating neutral + for heavy and – for light. Depending on which end of the club you insert, the weight will determine your choice of set up. Heavy side towards the toe for a fade or towards the heel for a draw.


Check this by looking at the end of the weight for the indicated marked symbol circle, + or – to make sure you have this inserted at the right end and set up correctly.

Taking The Weights Out And Adjusting The Driver

As with most adjustable Drivers, the Titleist 917 will come with the SureFit Torque Wrench to make all the adjustments you need. The weights are kept inside its cylinder housing by a small screw, just like the one you will find to adjust the shaft with. Be carful you insert the wrench correctly twisting it the correct way, this will then loosen off, to which you will be able to slide your weights in and out with ease.


Shaft Adjustments

The Titleist 917 Driver and Fairway Woods are complete with the SureFit hosel technology, that many of us will know, this featured in the 915 range. The SureFit hosel allows you to adjust your loft and lie settings 16 different ways, independently going up or down by 1.5 degrees. Included in the purchase of a Titleist 917 you will be issued with the SureFit Torque Wrench and a manual that will explain how the loft and lie settings will effect the clubs flight and performance. Read this carefully to get the most out of your club.


Learn more about the technology and player benefits, that has been packed into the Titleist 917 D2,D3 Driver and F2, F3 Fairway wood, in our Titleist 917 Blog review here. 

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