Caring for Your Electric Trolley

By on November 18, 2021

Whether it’s pulling us up that steep hill or taking the strain off your shoulders, electric trolleys are seen by many as essential to get us around a golf course and give us the best chance of shooting the lowest score possible. However, considering how much they do for us, they are easily neglected, so what is the best way of caring for your electric trolley?

Electric trolley on a golf course next to someone about to play a shot.

Your electric trolley always helps you play your best on the course.

How Long is the Warranty on my Trolley?

Depending on your choice of battery, many electric trolleys come with a warranty of between one and two years. However, this can usually be extended up to five years for Lithium batteries following online warranty registration. For specifics on your trolley, visit our electric trolley product pages or blog page on registering your extended warranty.

A PowaKaddy Lithium batteries that has an extended warranty of 5-years following warranty registration.

PowaKaddy Lithium batteries have an extended warranty of 5-years following warranty registration.

Once you have completed your warranty registration, the product manual should be the first stop for the best tips on maintaining your trolley. This will help ensure your trolley is set up correctly and may provide advice on the best storage methods to look after it. 

Once you are happy with your product, there are a few simple checks and maintenance tasks you can do to limit wear and tear:

  1. Following each use (particularly in muddy conditions), wipe down your trolley using a damp cloth or a mild cleanser with some warm water to keep it running smoothly and looking good. The wheels are removable to allow them to be swapped over or individually cleaned where required. Although trolleys are built to cope with all weather conditions, manufacturers recommend NOT using a jet wash, compressed air hose or steam cleaner. This could force water into the electronics and potentially invalidate any warranty.
  2. Bolts on the trolley can loosen from wear and vibration, so check them regularly to ensure they remain hand tight as recommended. At the same time, visually inspect the drain holes in the battery tray for blockages and any wiring or connections for general wear and tear that could lead to faults.

Finally, annual servicing is recommended to ensure everything is as it should be with your trolley. For example, clogged or misaligned bearings, wheels or other components can increase the drain on the battery, reducing the range of your trolley. For more information on trolley servicing or if you have any queries about your trolley, feel free to read our blog on Servicing Your Electric Trolley or contact us and our team of staff and PGA professionals will do all they can to help.

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