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SKLZ Smart Golf Glove - Mens, Ladies and Juniors

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SKLZ Smart Golf Glove
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SKLZ Smart Golf Glove

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This great training aid from SKLZ acts as a dual-purpose guide to help ensure better ball contact. The plastic inside the glove acts as a wrist guide to ensure correct swing mechanics.


  • Back of golf glove includes removable rigid wrist guide to keep player from casting and groove correct golf swing mechanics through the entire swing
  • At the range of home practice with the guide in the glove to give the proper feel for wrist hinge and release, then remove it to take that feel to the course
  • Palm side of glove includes specialized fabric to outline proper golf grip positioning and superior feel
  • For tee, fairway, and approach shots as well as putting
  • Wrist guide can be removed for using glove for official play
  • High-quality Cabretta leather
  • Available in Mens and Ladies/Juniors in sizes S, M, ML, L and XL



The SKLZ Smart Glove does a couple of things, especially in the short game, putting, chipping, any type of pitch shot where I need that firm left wrist to create that solid strike through the ball. The killer on this is obviously that scoop move, where I'm staying back on my back foot, and I break down that left wrist and that club head passes on my hands.

The plastic insert on the back of the wrist, keeps that left wrist flat, so that you have to use your body and this whole triangle to get through past impacts. My body stops and I start breaking this down, that's going to start digging into your wrist a little bit. So it'll stop the club from going. So what I'm looking for is getting this left wrist to stay flat and move my body through impact. There are couple of features of SKLZ Smart Glove that are really helpful. The black grip guide shows you where to put it in your hands. I don't want that too much in the fingers. I don't want to way up into the palm.

So I get this in the right spot right here, you can see that sits right into that black guide. Plastic inserts, pretty easy to take out, and then you can take some swings, with the glove itself. For the Smart Glove, whether I'm hitting chip shots, pitch shots. The chip shot, I'm just getting the shaft to keep moving forward with my body, instead of the body stopping, and the club head passing my hands. Same thing with the pitch motion, I'm looking to get the body moving through, the body moves the handle on the club head through, instead of the body stopping and the wrist breaking down. I want that left wrist staying really flat through impact. Smart Glove also helps us on our full swing.

As what the short game, I don't want that scooping motion through impact. Yet, everything golf, we get destroyed by that left wrist breaking down on the club head, flipping past impact. So with this allows me to feel, is this handle forward rotation. That left wrist should be flat right there. So I'll make a bunch of little punch shots, just kind of moving forward, getting the handle the lead, and then the forearms to rotate over. And that carries over into the full swing, where I get all the way over through that finish