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SKLZ Smash Bag - Golf Impact Trainer

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SKLZ Smash Bag Impact Golf Trainer

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This great training aid helps you learn the feeling of the correct ball impact for your swing. Hitting into the Smash Bag helps eliminate fat and thin golf shots, and helps cure slices.


  • Proprietary target map provides visual feedback on the quality and accuracy of impact
  • Quickly fills with towels or clothes
  • Use it at home or on the practice range
  • Heavy duty high-impact material and zipper

Manufacture Information:

  • MPN - SZSB


Some instructors have been using for impact bags for quite a while. The SKLZ Smash Bag does a couple of things a little bit differently, takes into a step further. One of the main things I'm trying to do here, we set it up just past impact. The main thing for any impact bag or a smash bag is to get rid of this flipping motion.


When the hands flip the club head, past impact. It's not a very powerful position. What I'm looking for, is to get the handle the lead, the club in the impact. So I'm gonna set it up, just past impact, and I'm just gonna take some swings and while I'm looking for is my body shifts forward and the handle to be out in front of where the club it is. And if I do this right, you'll see that the club head, pretty square, if I flip it too much that toe of the club's gonna go through. A slicer is gonna go through with the hosel going through first. So what I'm looking for is getting that club face to square up, with the handle and this left wrist, ahead of the club head.

Now what this also does is we take it out on the range, is are you in need to take one of the shafts from the practice pod or a shaft, if you have one laying around. And I'll stick it down, there's a little loop back behind it. And I'm gonna stick it in there. I obviously want, if I'm hitting it in a good solid shot, that's going to the right in the back of it. If I do have the tendency to hit the slice, and I want to get the toe club in the release. Remember, I want to handle the lead and the wrist to stay flat, but past impact, I can get the toe release a little bit. And what'll we do with the shaft behind here, is the bag should work a little bit toward the outside. Instead of, pulling it across, if I am somebody pulling it across and flips it, it'll get pulled towards the inside a little bit.

So, couple things, number one, club face. I don’t want the toe going in. And I don't want the club head passing my wrist. What I'm looking for, is the shaft to lean forward, and the club face to square up, right into the back of the bag.