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PURE Grips utilises a process called Injection Mold Technology. By design, this process ensures a grip with consistent wall thickness throughout the entire grip.  This even distribution of rubber means no seams. A grip devoid of seams does not have to be sanded or “buffed.” Brasher contends their manufacturing process contributes to grip durability and consistency in feel over time. In other words, it lasts and maintains the like-new feel.

As there are no seams to finish off, the weight tolerances are among the best in the industry at +/- 1g. PURE Grips are made of 100% rubber. That means, no “fillers” that breakdown over time which diminishes the longevity of the grip.

Now you can personalise these grips with your company logo or just some text. Add a special touch to your clubs and stand out from the crowd.

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