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Mizuno JPX Platinum Golf Balls - SALE


This product is out of stock or not currently available.

Mizuno JPX Platinum Golf Balls - A concept model from Japan with luxurious feel and high energy core

  • Platinum Feel
  • Tour Performance
  • Great Value 

Five Piece Construction!

The JPX Platinum combines all of Mizuno’s available technologies to deliver a tour feel ball suited to mid and lower swing speeds – up to 90 mph driver swing speed.

  • Multi layer 5 piece construction with 512 dimples for incredible soft feel, distance and hangtime.
  • High energy core increases ball speed while maintaining a soft feel.

Dimple Cluster Design

The distance gain is enhanced by a ‘dimple-cluster’ design that enables the ball to maintain its flight during descent.

  • Dimple-cluster design co-engineered at the Fukuoka Institute of Technology Micro to lengthen flight in descent phase.
  • Anti-glare satin cover to eliminate distraction.
  • Suitability for slow to mid swing speeds (max 90mph driver head speed).

Examining each of the flight trajectory and ball speed, even when the ball speed of jumping is different, until the fall from close to the maximum arrival point, the ball speed is less than or equal to 30m/s. Three elements of the jump (initial ball speed, launch angle, spin rate) is determined by the material and structure of the ball.

Luxurious Soft Feel

The luxurious soft feel is a result of a 5 piece construction that incorporates revolutionary Cross Core – which converts more energy to ball speed, without the harder feel of a distance ball.

Alex Thorne -Tour & Product Manager

“The traditional tour ball plays much shorter for the average amateur – who don’t have the necessary swing speed to activate the ball’s core. The JPX Platinum represents a new generation of balls that delivers the feel and responsiveness of a tour ball – but with a high energy core that’s optimised to their swing speed.”