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In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency and being ahead in the market is becoming more important if you want to be recognized.  Within a blink of an eye, products made of wood are replaced to plastics that offer more durability and longer life-span while larger equipments are being made into more compact ones yet offering more abilities and features than its bigger counterparts. 

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This realisation is what propelled Yonex owner Minoru Yoneyama to develop his own brand of badminton, golf and tennis equipment after having been forced out of business because of a lack in innovation and forward thinking.

Being an Asian brand, Yonex had to constantly be up on its toes to compete with its western counterparts to be recognised around the world.  Instead of becoming a deterrent, the company used this as a challenge to introduce advanced equipments such as the aluminium badminton rackets in 1969 – a first of its kind during that time. 

Further experiments yielded that the same technology can be applied to their other products as well and by the start of the 70’s, the use of graphite was introduced and was found useful in golf clubs. More improvements later paved the way for the casting of a tougher and more resilient element – titanium.  Golf has never been the same after.

With the classic minimalist design in most Yonex products, the Ezone SD Driver boasts of a micro-adjusted centre of gravity to enhance the size of the sweet spot to cover most, if not all, the club face.  This translates to maximum capacity to control the drives for straighter and far-longer distance hits.

An inner weight system within the club’s rear makes for a deeper center of gravity resulting in higher launch angle and maximum forgiveness.  The 6AI-4V Titanium face plate has a variable thickness from the side to the centre to ensure the optimal ball speed at any point.

Combining Elastic Ti and carbon graphite engineering, the shaft employs Nanospeed 200 which gives stability and power during a strike.  The use of carbon graphite utilizes the hardiness, resistance and strength of carbon combined with the resistance to corrode and self-lubricate of the graphite.  Thus, you can be rest-assured that every hit generates force to propel the ball to ultimate heights.

A streamlined aesthetic may not seem like a powerhouse driver at first glance but this illusion is quickly broken down once the mid to high handicap golfer uses the Yonex Ezone SD Driver.  This seemingly diminutive club proves why Yonex describes itself as the world leader in golf equipment.

Drivers » Yonex


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