How Do You Decide If You Want Graphite or Steel Shafts?

By on March 3, 2020

Those who are new to the game believe that all clubs are the same; however, that is not the case. Choosing a shaft option that suits your style of play is very important in order to achieve the desired results and improve your game as well.

The interesting point to understand here is that each person’s swing is different from others. In addition, every two swings by the same person are also not identical. The difference might be minute in case of professionals while it may grow bigger as we look at the amateurs. This very difference determines which golf clubs you should use for play.

The two options that are available for your selection includes steel shafts or graphite shafts.

Steel Shafts

These are stiffer among the two and do not flex much during the swing. These are a perfect option for those who prefer heavier clubs and have a faster swing speed.

Graphite Shafts

These are much more flexible when compared to the steel shafts. This makes them a perfect choice for those who prefer lighter clubs and have slower swing speed.

A faster swing speed along with heavy steel shaft simply means more distance for the ball. However, the accuracy might suffer a bit. A slower swing speed with lighter shaft means less distance but better accuracy.

Which Option is best for you?

The only way to find out an option that is best for you is to try out the variety. Look for the clubs that you feel most comfortable with. In some cases, a combination of both types is the best alternate. An example can be steel shafts for irons and graphite shafts for woods. You do not actually need to buy and play with the options in order to decide the best alternate or you. Just carry the options in your hands and select the one that feels right. You can also try your hand on those belonging to your friends before deciding one for you.

Generally, those who are learning the game prefer graphite ones as they provide a good shot even with a less than perfect swing. Professionals who are in control of their game generally look for more power and distance. In addition, female golfers prefer graphite ones as they are lighter in weight while males select one as per their swing speed and playing abilities.

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