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Titliest SM5 Vokey Wedges on the A-List of Wedges

The new Titleist Vokey Wedges

It is a golden rule in sports to be equipped with the finest and sturdiest gears. Not only are we after endurance but also how it helps optimize our potential. We need that to reach the pedestal. In golf, wedges are a vital tool to help the player struck the ball effectively and consistently.

Titleist Vokey Wedges are tour tested wedges known for its power in one simple design. The professionals love it for its sleek construction specified for each golfer.

Available in two striking collections, Titleist Vokey Wedges are made from authentic carbon steel and tour chrome with a finish of oil can. What’s more is how Titleist specified each wedge to fit the golfer’s playing attitude. Of course, a reliable gear is that which suits your game best.

The Titleist SM5 Vokey Design Wedges are dubbed as the classic wedges. It has incorporated the conventional design of high toe, shallow heel and the traditional teardrop shape.

These wedges were proved to be superb in landing smooth shot type, swing type and course conditions. Most enthusiasts found it very durable in any terrain. From loam to sand, all Titliest Vokey Wedges can dissect land swiftly.

The latest innovation in golf wedges have been integrated in all Spin Milled Wedges. Although looking similar to the former collection, these wedges actually have more machine carved contours. These added grooves alleviate spins making balls fly higher and more consistent.

Spin Milled is available in lofts from 48° to 64°, low, mid, and full bounce sole options. This allows a golfer more powerful shot each and every time. It’s the all time favorite of pros.

Perhaps the Titleist Vokey Wedges’ advantage lies on its feel and balance. They give the golfers the complete control over their gears and have it perform according to their preference.