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Taking Care of Your Galvin Green Waterproofs

Utilizing Galvin Green Garments

Galvin Green garments have been a market favorite for quite some time. They are a prestigious manufacturer of water resilient golf suits and have been recognized to provide only the best gears for avid golfers. And since the autumn season is drawing near, they’ve released another chic collection.

But what actually makes this brand a popular choice is its effectiveness. Galvin Green utilizes a special fabric called Gore-Tex for all their products. This fabric is highly water repellant due to its surface.

The Gore-Tex surface tension is injected with durable water repellant formula which works magically. As soon as water drops on the garment, it forms tiny droplets which mean: it is not absorbed.

Moreover, Galvin Green has multi layers with each performing a different function. Combined, these provide the golfers with comfort, warmth and protection in one light weight top.

On the other hand, the most frequent question for any water proof gears is: is it washable? Most products are unadvisable to wash due to its poor water repellant surface. The sleek surface chaps and so dictates the end of your water resilient days.

Galvin Green is machine safe. Actually, the manufacturer recommends frequent washing to prolong the clothes’ life span. A clean suit is a durable outfit. Take note however, that you should wash it under 40° in the machine and tumble completely dry afterwards.

Never wash with fabric conditioner. This chemical has a negative consequence with the surface.

It is unavoidable to lose the effectiveness of Gore-Tex water repellant surface. What product doesn’t lose its glow after consistent use?  Galvin Green does not guarantee a timeless effectiveness but rather, assures sturdiness which also depends on the owner.

Keep it in a safe place after usage and avoid interact any sharp edged objects. That would meddle with the functionality of the suit. Visit the Galvin Green homepage for the full range.