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How to look after your charger

You should not allow your battery to get near any moisture and it should be positioned in an aired and well ventilated room on a hard surface. Make sure the mains leads of your charger are not damaged.

If your charger develops any kind of fault take it to your nearest service centre, do not attemt to fix the charger yourself. Before you disconnect the battery make sure you switch the charger off.

- Never play more than 18 holes of golf from one charge.

- Never drop the battery or allow it to roll around in your car boot.

- Never leave the charger switched off with the battery connected.

- Never operate the charger with a damaged lead.

- Never expose the charger to moisture. - Never fully discharge the battery.

- Never leave the battery in a discharged condition; recharge as soon as possible.

If you take care of your battery it will last a lot longer and it is also worth taking a look at some of the new lithium golf trolleys on the market or upgrading and buying a lithium battery