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Galvin Green: Taking the guesswork out of rainwear

Regardless of the weather, the tour is on. Like a soldier, the golfer must battle in the war to achieve that which he craves: recognition. Harsh reality of golf; it’s an unforgiving competition amongst sharp individuals articulate in the art of precision.

And like a soldier, he must be equipped with the most vital paraphernalia in golf. From clothing to clubs and balls, the golfer must collect at least a set and shine in all playing conditions like a chameleon.

No more damp rainy days

A rainy day on the course is no exception for pro golfers. As said earlier, the tour is on whether the ground is solid or not. If you think about it, how could you concentrate with water pouring on your skin? No wonder every golfer needs his rainwear.

The name Galvin Green is one of the dominating names in golf clothing. They are known for their resilient waterproofs which were proven efficient in major international tours. The pros highly recommended this brand for being dependable through the storm.

Like the rest of the Galvin Green collection, Galvin Green Rainwear is made with multiple layers of strong fabrics sealed together to produce the most effective rainwear available. From trousers to tops and caps, this rainwear is reviewed to be comfortable, warm and dry even in the dampest of environments.

Galvin Green Rainwear has utilized a special fabric called Gore-Tex which magically repels liquid from being absorbed by the clothing. Unlike the typical garment, this material seeming lets the water “bounce” off forming tiny droplets on the surface.

No more guesswork - Find the new range here

It is tough to golf during a rainy day. So many factors affect our thinking and concentration which may lead to dull shots. Don’t settle for weak cheap stuffs. Select those which boost your potential to excellence.