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Footjoy Shoe Care

FootJoy Golf Shoes for Water Proof Protection

It is hard to find the right apparel that would boosts your confidence in your game. Reliable clothing is always a must especially during a rainy day where the environment becomes moist and the land muddy. Although most golf shoes appear the same, they’re quality is rather questionable.

Every golfer needs effective shoes to keep their feet at ease while out on the course. FootJoy has been considered the number one shoes and gloves manufacturer throughout the world. They are known for their sturdy, waterproof and comfortable footwear which is made from exquisite leather.

Each collection has incorporated a patented technology called AQUAf.l.e.x leather system. It is a highly exclusive treatment FootJoy did to every shoe making them water repellant. And it actually works as evident in the millions of enthusiasts testifying.

Shoe Care 101

Of course, high maintenance of your Foot Joy shoes is an utmost requirement if you wish your footwear’s duration.

It is a fact that leather golf shoes face a wide range of hazards not to mention its uncontrollable peeling in the long run. Foot Joy advises owners to thoroughly clean their pair and keep in a proper storage.

After each round, make sure you wipe off the dirt and the mud either with the special Foot oy cleaner or a mild soap. FootJoy also has finish off formulas for each type / color of leather designed to restore its glow. Make sure you apply this after letting it dry in a room temperature.

Do not dry with a dryer. Any high temperature may cause the leather to chip and break.

To further extend the life of your Footjoy Shoes apparel, it is recommended to own and bring two pairs every game. Rotating shoes between rounds helps preserve the shoes for an obvious reason.