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Forget what happens on the backswing, and then appreciate that you create bend on the shaft through first the transition (from backswing to down swing), and then when you unhinge your wrist-cock angle on the downswing.

The shaft will bend in two ways that are relevant. First the shaft will actually bend forward as the club head gets to impact (or not depending on when you released the wrist-cock angle). If the club head bends forward it will create a higher launch and higher spin than the same shaft and club head where the wrist angle has been released early or without aggression.

For slow swing speed golfers or those without an aggressive wrist angle release the shaft strength will have minimal impact. But for regular and faster swing speeds and golfers who ‘release’ their wrists late, we need to find a shaft that will create less spin on the ball. Getting the right shaft will have a tremendous impact on length off the tee for these golfers.

The second challenge created by the shaft bend is in accuracy where the shaft twists resulting in a club head that is not delivered back to the golf ball at a square angle. If the ‘torque’ of the shaft is too strong for the downswing of a golfer then the club face will be delivered open to the golf ball. Then you get a slice or push.

If the golfer has a very strong transitional move from backswing to downswing and is playing with a very flexible shaft then the shaft may twist the club face to a closed position creating a pull or hook.

At its simplest level we need to focus on the shaft strength of those with slower, less aggressive downswings to ensure that the club can be returned square to the ball. For faster, more aggressive swing speed golfers the shaft must deliver the right launch angle and spin rates, as well as resisting the pressure of the club face to close. 

One company that have lots of different shaft option is Titleist who have a range of drivers that ar interchangable