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Two Tee-Box Drills

On this page you will find a drill that will give you more distance off the Tee. For a drill that addresses power and consistency off the tee (or any long shot for that matter)

Tip One: Hit it a Mile
Driving the golf ball with today’s new drivers is arguably the most enjoyable part of the game. There is hardly an amateur golfer on the planet that wouldn’t love a few extra meters on their drive. Here are four basic check points that could add meters to your tee shots!

Tee the ball Higher - If you want to get the proper angle into the ball and put the right kind of spin on the ball, be sure to tee it up (half the ball above the driver at address). Use any of these golf tees

Take the club back low and slow – Far too often when amateurs swing a driver too hard, it starts with a quick backswing and no width. LOW and SLOW is the key.

Turn your weight behind the ball – don’t get stuck on your front foot, make sure when you swing, you can feel your weight turning onto you back thigh and foot.

Extension through the shot – Don’t collapse too early, notice in the picture my right arm is still straight and extending through the ball well after impact.