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Nike Golf Shoes News, Advide and Buyers Guide

Nike is the world’s leader in innovative athletic footwear, sports accessories and apparel. Nike golf shoes are available for men, women and kids in various designs and functionalities.

Nike Lunar Series

These shoes are crafted using Lunarlon cushioning which is lightweight but has a very responsive shock absorbing properties which ensures that painful pressure points on your feet are greatly reduced. They come in classic and modern designs that are either created using soft and light leather, canvas or other lightweight, breathable materials. They have waterproof, breathable designs to keep your feet dry and comfortable in any weather.

Nike Heritage III Men's Golf Shoes

This golf shoe is designed using Nike Power Platform Flex technology which allows your weight to be distributed evenly for optimum stability.

Nike Power Player III EU Golf Shoes

A golf shoe with a modern design made from very soft, light leather and only weighs 380 grams. It keeps your feet dry and warm and is also waterproof.

Nike Air Rival 2.5 Men’s Golf Shoes

This waterproof golf shoe has a unique design and provides superior comfort and super stable base.

Nike Zoom Trophy Golf Shoes

Guarantees all-day comfort while providing you with balanced stability when walking and when you swing.

Nike Air Range WP II Men’s Golf Shoes

An incredibly stylish golf shoe without the spikes. It is crafted with the  Phylite technology for superior traction.

Nike Dunk NG Golf Shoes

A stylish golf shoe that will keep your feet comfortable and dry in any weather.

Nike TW 13 Golf Shoes

This golf shoe allows free movement with its free-inspired outsole while providing ground contact for controlling power and optimal traction.


Lunar Series

These women’s Lunar golf shoes come with mapped rubber traction lugs or TPU integrated traction for support and stability. Better balance, lateral support, efficient weight distribution and comfort are all accounted for in this series.

Nike Delight IV EU Women's Golf Shoe

This shoe is made of water-resistant leather and an integrated spike system for great traction.

Nike Air Embellish Womens Golf Shoes

It offers outstanding stability, optimum support and great style.

Nike Women's Dunk NG Golf Shoe

It provides maximum comfort, stability and style.

Nike Range JR Golf Shoes

This shoe has a rubber outsole that comes with a spike system for a comfortable wear.

Nike Junior Dunk NG Golf Shoes

A sporty waterproof shoe that provides maximum comfort and stability.

Nike Junior Remix II Golf Shoe

It is designed with shaped heel and ankles for outstanding comfort and spiked outsole for stability.


Nike Golf Shoes

Nike's heritage is bringing lightweight cushioning, durability and weather-resistance to combined with memorable style and comfort.

This year we see an exciting new range from Nike and with Tiger Woods looking like he is getting back to his best it should be an a good year for the Nike brand.

At Nike Golf, we are borrowing Nike Inc. technology and creating specifics to golf. Resulting from that is a comprehensive collection of footwear that blends sport performance, athleticism and traditionalism, while creating comfort and style. More air. More comfort. More Nike style. 





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