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Hi Tec Golf Shoes Advice, News and Buyers Guide

Hi-Tec golf shoes are something you need to check out when you’re about to have a round or two of golf. It has been said that the game begins from the feet up. Given that you’ll be walking around for almost half the day, the last thing you want is to experience strain from the footwear you have on so it’s best to take the time to purchase shoes that fit you just right.

Hi-Tec CDT Power Men’s Golf Shoes (501 and 700 WPi)

The CDTs from Hi-Tec come in 501 and 700 WPi classes. They have a soft textile lining, ion-mask technology, are waterproof, and come with CMEVA sole for cushioning. The footwear, available in three different colors, were designed to help golfers hit the ball a bit further. One of their features is being equipped with a CDT launch pad with an outsole for maximum stability, balance, and comfort. Also, they are built with a carbon heel for better support. Also, a Q Lok set of directional spikes are fitted to ensure a solid hold and better ground contact.

Hi-Tec V-Lite & V-Lite Mission Splash Men’s Golf Shoes

V-Lite and V-Lite Mission Splash from Hi-Tec are deemed as the lightest golf shoes in the world. With that said, you can expect that you will find it much easier to move around from a hole to another. Because balance and traction are important in golf, the Splash shoes are the ultimate footwear for the sport.

Hi-Tec Sierra Lace Men’s Golf Shoes

Incorporating a casual style, Hi-Tec Sierra Lace Men’s golf shoes make great examples of urban and outdoor visibility. Also, they are among the most comfortable shoes the brand has made for golfers. Together with Hi-Tec, they are brought to you by Ortholite and Vibram which are trusted suppliers of high-quality insoles.

Hi-Tec Milano Ladies Golf Shoes

With the Hi-Tec Milano ladies golf shoes, it goes to show that the precision sport is for the ladies too. The footwear offer stability and were designed to be both durable and stylish. They are made with a molded compression base that boasts a patterned studding. As a result, ample grip is provided. It is also built with a malleable textile lining coupled with a wax lacing system. With them on, you’ll be at ease even if you walk for hours continuously.

Hi-Tec Dri Tec Sport 300 Sport Men’s Golf Shoes

The 300 Dri Tec Sport golf shoes from Hi-Tec are among the fine products from the brand. They come with a unique V-Lite construction. Being 100% waterproof and with Champ III Stinger spikes, they are extra comfortable to have on.

The selection of Hi-Tec golf shoes allows you to choose something you’d love. With the proper footwear on, your performance won’t be affected. When your feet is comfortable, you may just surprise yourself with how skilled you can be so if you want to perform better, take the time to avail of the perfect shoes.

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