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Ping Golf Bags News, Advice and Buyers Guide

Golf bags are very important in every golfer’s game. Without these, they wouldn’t have anywhere to store their golf equipments in while they swing for victory. The golf course is a very large place, and it would be a real burden for golfers to just carry their stuff without the aid of any bags, right?

Ping golf bags are some of the best options to consider when choosing the perfect compartment for your golf needs. The following products are what Ping specifically offers:

Moonlite 2013 Golf Bag

This lightweight bag is available in four basic colors and can easily fit a full set of 14 clubs. It also has dual carrying straps and other features such as external pockets and a towel ring.

Ping 4 Series Golf Stand Bag

This golf bag, now with a reconfigured bag top to make room for more clubs, weighs around 4 lbs. and is now stiffer for a more stable stand. It is built with a four-way top with integrated handle, six functional pockets, adjustable straps, two full-length dividers, reinforced bracket with leg stop, strap slider, and more.

Latitude Golf Stand Bag

This bag’s versatility makes it capable of changing from a carry bag to a cart bag. It is constructed with a six-way top, two full-length dividers, ten pockets, separate putter well, strap slider for a comfortable backpack-style fit, and a strengthened bracket with leg stop for stability. It also has dual sliding shoulder pads for more balance and premium YKK zippers.

Hoofer Golf Stand Bag

This stand bag is equipped with cool features such as a five-way top, eight pockets, dual sliding shoulder pads with adjustable straps, leg retention strap, strap slider, umbrella holder, rain hood, towel loop, and more. This bag is specifically designed to balance comfort and convenience for golfers.

Hoofer G25 Golf Stand Bag

This golf stand bag features fully-functional parts such as a five-way top toughened to prevent flexing, dual sliding shoulder pads, eight pockets, strap slider, YKK zippers, and more. This is also a limited edition golf bag, so get one while stocks last.

Pioneer Golf Cart Bag

Though big in space and protection of clubs, the Pioneer golf cart bag weighs only a little more than 7 lbs.--- lightweight enough for something with many offerings such as a 14-way reinforced top, nine pockets, integrated truck handle, rain hood, umbrella sleeve, and more.

Traverse G25 Golf Trolley Bag

Available in three solid colors, this bag is also a limited edition kind and is packed with many amazing features such as a 14-way mesh top with individual dividers, nine pockets, integrated trunk handle, hidden umbrella sleeve, cart strap loop with micro patch detail, traction strip, and more. It is lightweight and is the same size as a carry bag, but is easy to handle as a stand bag.

Traverse Golf Trolley Bag

This trolley bag possesses the same features as the limited edition Traverse G25, such as a 14-way mesh top, nine pockets which include ball and two apparel pockets, trunk handle, traction strip, and more. It weighs less than 5.5 lbs. but is as packed as other heavier golf bags.

DLX Golf Cart Bag

This tour-inspired bag is made with functions of a high-end trolley and the quality of a tour bag. It is structured from perforated leatherette, nylon twill, and vinyl, making it more special. It also features a 14-way mesh top, molded top handle with integrated lower base handle, external hood sleeve, and nine functional pockets.

Tour Staff Golf Bag

This bag includes great features such as a reinforced top, pouch for water bottles, eight pockets, hidden umbrella sleeve, rain hood, and a large apparel pocket with big entry. This is also the bag that is seen on tour by most of Ping tour professionals.

Serene Ladies Trolley Bag

This bag is obviously for ladies, but it is sturdy and durable enough to be lined up with Ping’s other bags. It has features such as a 14-way reinforced top with individual dividers, nine pockets, premium YKK zippers, rain hood, hidden umbrella sleeve, and towel loop. It is lightweight enough for women to carry and is available in feminine colors.

Whether for men or for women, Ping surely has golf bags to offer to all golfers.


Choosing a Ping Golf Bag

Back in the sixties when Karsten Solheim started making putters in his garage I bet he would never imagined that Ping would have grown to the size of company that it is today.

It is renowned for it's exceptional precision made golf clubs from Drivers to Putters however not much is said about it's golf bags.

The range is quite vast and the colours are vibrant and fashionable and they always have a great choice.

When looking to buy a golf bag you must first decide if it is to be used on a trolley or if you are going to carry the bag. If you are going to carry it makes sense to go for the lightest option such as the 4 under bag however the hoofer bags are a bit heavier but have additional pockets which may suit you better. The key factor here is not to put too many extra golf balls in your bag as the bag may be very light but if you have twenty balls your waterproofs, a spare sweater etc etc you will find that it is going to get heavy.

When choosing a trolley bag it is worth getting a bag as big as possible especially if you have an electric trolley as this means you can carry those twenty balls waterproofs etc and have room for a lot more.

The new Ping Traverse and DLX have plenty of room for your golf gear and they look stunning as well so these would be a good choice and don't forget one of Pings most popular bags is the Moon bag which can actually take a full set of clubs or be used to take your gear to the driving range, these bags are small but super lite and very useful.

Ping Golf Bags Overview


At ping we set ourselves apart by bringing quality innovation and performance to every product we make, whether it’s golf clubs or golf bags. When engineering golf bags we look at every aspect of the bag with the goal of improving function and performance. We study and observe how you interact with your bag to optimize its contribution to helping you play better golf. From cart to carry bags no detail is overlooked in this approach that has earned ping the reputation as the leader in golf bag design.

Our latest innovation in carry bags is enhanced ergonomics. We call it E2. E2 represents ping’s commitment to enhancing your overall performance through added comfort and convenience. The influence of E2 is most evident in our dual strap system which performs multiple functions.

First, it allows you to customize the balance of your bag to suit your body type and carry style. Once you’ve adjusted the straps and the dual slide-in shoulder pads to your liking an innovated strap slider provides a backpack style fit. This provides comfort and makes taking the bag on and off easier during your round of golf. The straps also control a leg retention strap inside the bag that engages when the bag is lifted keeping the leg snug while you’re walking. The lightweight aluminium legs attached to a glass re-enforced polymer bracket engineered with built in leg stops to ensure the proper and stable leg extension on all surfaces.

Features that offer convenience include insulated beverage pockets and storage for range finders and other valuables.

Cart bags are designed to suit a variety of needs and taste. We offer lightweight styles for golfers who prefer the added structure of a cart bag and fully featured bags engineered for the ultimate in club organization and storage space. All of our cart bags offer easy handling from your trunk to the golf cart.

Long lasting quality in all ping bags is ensured through high grade materials which are chosen after a series of extensive player and lab test. We focus on designing the very lightest bags without compromising the durability and the reliability golfers expect from ping.

We assemble and prototype our bags in our Phoenix facility. The finishing touches include fully bound seams and YKK zippers. You can even have your bag customized and personalised.

Just as ping’s golf equipment would help you play your best your bag should enhance your performance on the course. Whether it’s a lightweight, comfortable carry bag or fully featured cart bag there’s a ping model that’s sure to fit your game.

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