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Personalize Your Golf Shoes - Footjoy Myjoys

Every avid golfer knows just how important the right golf shoes are. This is why individuals put a lot of time and effort in researching the perfect pair to wear during a tournament. Although the comfort and stability of the shoes are the main concerns, that does not mean golfers should forego style in favor of usefulness when they can have both. Footjoy Myjoys – one of the most popular names when it comes to golf accessories – have made this possible.

Designing your Own Shoes

Footjoy Myjoys is a way for avid golfers to design their own shoes through the website. Here are the steps on ordering a personalized model of this brand.

Choose a Footjoy Shoes model

They have a wide array of types to choose from, each created with special features to increase comfort and ease during games. Make sure to browse through different options available, paying particular attention to the features of the product. Don’t bother looking at the colors of the shoe since buyers will be given the chance to design them later on.

Size and width

Once the buyer has made a decision regarding the shoe model, they will be asked to specify the size and width of the shoes. The options here are already set, making it easy for the buyer to choose the type that works for them. Try to do some fitting first to be sure of the size.

Choose colors for the shoe

Footjoy allows for multiple color choices for the personalized shoes ranging from the base, the saddle and the lace. Buyers will be provided with a color palette as well as an image of what the shoes will look like when all their chosen shades have been implemented.

Personalization options

For those who want to make their golf shoes truly personalized, Footjoy Myjoys also makes it possible to place logos and monograms on the left and right sides of the shoes. Buyers can have their names monogrammed or sponsors can have their logos placed at the back. Either way, it’s a great chance to make truly unique shoes for different purposes.

Review the changes

On the next page, individuals will have the chance to review their chosen designs fully. They can choose to go back and make changes if necessary before finally sending the order. A review of the total expenses will also be provided, allowing buyers to find out exactly how much they will be paying. Multiple payment options are available for the convenience of the user.

Of course, individuals who aren’t particular to any type of color and design can go ahead and order one of Footjoy’s premade shoes. The website offers dozens of possible choices that are not only beautifully designed but also increase the performance of the user. Shoes are available for both men and women to match their individual styles. Don’t just stop at shoes though – Footjoy also offers gloves, socks and other accessories for a terrific play. 



Footjoy once again had made a first in the history of golf shoes with its Footjoy Myjoys shoes. Myjoys is a custom shoe program started by Footjoy that allows golfers to customize their own golf shoes.

Isn’t it a wonderful opportunity to decide the specifications of your shoes? With this, you could incorporate your own style and design on a Footjoy high quality golf shoes. It is an opportunity you should not let pass.

Myjoys program follows four easy steps:

  • Select your desired shoe style and indicate your gender;
  • Select your size and the width of your feet;
  • Pick your desired color combination; and Personalize your shoes with a logo or up to six characters.

With MyJoys you could do so much. You can pick any brand, any style and design – from the state-of –the-art waterproof Icons to the reasonably priced yet comfortable Contour.

You can do so much with Footjoy MyJoys Shoes. For the first step, you need to choose what brand, style and design that fit you the most. When it comes to brand, you could choose from Dryjoys Tours, Icons, Fj Sports and many others.

Next is selecting the size and width of your shoes, which is a very easy thing to do. Picking the colour combination could be tricky sometimes because there are some designs that only look good with certain colours. Though there is no limit on how you wanted your shoes to be coloured – it will be always your choice.

For the last touch, you are given a maximum of six characters to adorn your shoes or in some cases, a logo. For logos and icons, you are given a lot of choices that are stylish; among the choices are also flags of different countries. In the UK, after submitting your request, you should wait for three to five weeks – depending on how difficult or bizarre your personalized shoes are.

To place an order for Footjoy MyJoys Shoes, visit the official website of Footjoy UK and create your desired design. Then email it over to us and we will follow the whole order through for you.