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TaylorMade Jet Speed Driver Review

By on November 17, 2013

The new TaylorMade Jet Speed Driver has been creating quite a buzz around the world. Some good and some bad. This new driver from ™ is the first driver they have created that has a speed pocket and they have named it Jet Speed as this driver is designed for just one thing and that is to promote a fast (Jet Speed) swing.

Looks = 5 Stars

Distance = 5 Stars

Accuracy 4.5 Stars

Price 4.5 Stars

It is at the limit when it comes to COR sitting at .822 but the speed pocket actually makes a big difference when it comes to those shots that are struck low on the face which will often produce a high spinning shot which loses distance but the speed pocket helps eliminate this type of shot and will help gain more distance.

The pattern now with TaylorMade is to bring the centre of gravity further forward and the Jet Speed is no different. Moving this forward apparently helps reduce spin and creates a faster ball speed from the face. The key point to be mindful of when moving the CG forward is that the launch angle is reduced and it is key to make sure you go with a higher loft than you would normally have. (Remember Dustin Johnson uses a 10.5 degree SLDR now)

The Jet Speed has an adjustable sleeve which allows you to fine tune your driver by plus or minus 1.5 degrees and ™ have now gone completely away from the white head style and this driver has a matte black crown and it’s looks are more like the SLDR.

TM Spec Sheet

It will be available in a 9.5, 10.5 and HL 13 degree lofts and it will have the usual Medium, Regular Stiff and extra stiff shaft options as standard and an array of custom fit shafts will also be available.

The length of the driver for men will be 46 inches and for ladies it will be 45 inches with a swing weight of D5 and D2 respectively.

The driver will be available in right and left handed however the HL version is not available in left hand. It will be fitted with the FCT lite TaylorMade grip however other custom options can be chosen.

The matrix Velox T49 shaft has been chosen to compliment this driver and this shaft is simply designed to promote more distance and a faster swing speed.

I have noticed quite a bit of negativity about this driver across the forums and this is not really about the quality of the driver as we all know this will perform to an extremely high standard but of the frequency that TaylorMade are producing drivers. In truth I have lost count of the drivers they have released this year and golfers that have just switched to the new SLDR now have another club to consider and those that have bought a RBZ stage 2 during the summer will now see the driver they purchased just a few months ago selling at a vastly reduced price.

TaylorMade are in danger of seeing there loyal customers simply waiting for the next driver coming out so they can buy the previous model at a lower cost. Just read some of the forum comments to see what I mean and this is also the case with some of the new irons like the SpeedBlade irons

That apart this driver is once again out of the top drawer and is another top performer and should be considered if you are in the market for a new driver.

It is also available in a fairway and rescue options and we shall look at these in another review and the full range can be seen here at this review

About James Langmead

James Langmead is the golf professional at Stover Golf Club in Newton Abbot

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