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Titleist 913 D2 D3 Driver Review



Welcome to Golfalot equipment news where we review the Titleist 913 driver. The 913 is the upgrade to the Titleist 910 driver which we reckoned as the best adjustable driver on the market at that time. The 913 driver retains the same sure fit tour hosel that enables you to adjust loft and lie independently. With manufacturing tolerances reduce 90 to plus or minus half a degree of loft. The fitting would be much accurate now too. The changes from the 910 driver are in the design of the head as Steve Pelisek now explains.

Steve Pelisek:

There are two new 913s, D2 and D3, as we’ve done in the past (the D2 for 460 driver and for 445). Both have more speed, more distance, which become more performance. Let me give you a low down on that.

The speed comes from the new insert. There’s a new insert in both – some pretty complex geometry going on in there, but it’s a forged tie insert that basically delivers more ball speed off the centre. The centre of impact, if you were there before or you’re there now, we make of sweet spot bigger and bigger with each generation. In fact with 913 it’s quite a bit bigger so you’ve got a big sweet spot that delivers max ball speed. More speed generally means more distance. But you can also get more distance from better launch. A lot of your viewers know that. And primarily that comes from high launch and low spin. D2, especially, is a low spinning driver than 910 D2. We’ve moved  CGs around basically to make them high launch, low spin, so you got more speed from the insert (and) better launch condition from the inherent design that it head. Both of those equal more distance. And then you cap it off with sure fit tour, you know, is independent loft and lie adjusting. And the user, especially in the hands of a good fitter, has an incredibly powerful ability to dial in exactly what’s going to work for them so it take 913. You get more speed. You get more distance. You get more performance.

These changes to the 913 may seem suttle but they do make it different with an extra speed of up to 2 miles per hour on heal and toe strikes. Given you’re on 6 extra yards over the previous model. The face is 2 grams lighter and now matches the thickness of the body of the club and this enables Titleist to increase the sole weight at the back of the club to lower the centre of gravity, increasing the forgiveness without changing the weight of the head.

As before there are two versions, the D2 and the D3. The 445 CC head of the D3 has the centre of gravity in the same position as the 910 version. The 913 D2 driver has a lower spin than the 910 D2 because the CG is lower and is now the same as the 913 D3.

The difference between the two 913 models is that the D2 has a very slight draw bias and a larger more forgiving 460 CC head. The D3 will appear to those who like a more compact style, who wants a more ability to shape shots So what did our intrepid reviewer think?

Mart Hopley:

The 913 driver is a lot more forgiving than the 910 that it replaces. It has a nice sound and it really zooms off the face. It really feels fantastic. And I think together here with the adjustable hosel which should probably be the best. Really because all the different fitting options that you need so I think Titleist have really improved on the 910 so maybe more forgiving around the face and you still get that performance at the middle as well. So really this should appeal to, as Titleist serious golfers, up a the handicap range, people who are high handicappers and early teens should really be considering this driver too because this is one of the best on the market.