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The New Mizuno JPX800 HD irons

The Mizuno JPX800 HD irons have been launched and are designed to offer the latest distance-maximising technology, coupled with the ultimate in forgiveness for those shots hit outside the sweet-spot.

These revolutionary irons are a new addition to the existing JPX800 and JPX800 Pro irons. The thinner, multi-thickness face achieves the highest possible ball speed for adding those extra yards, while the nickel-chrome plating increases the finish durability of the irons, whilst also keeping faith with the elegant Mizuno look golfers' have come to know and love over the years.

The Mizuno JPX800 HD irons will be available in 4-9 numbering, along with gap and pitching wedges. The wedges utilize a solid power bar design for increased control and flag-threatening accuracy.The stock steel shafts are Dynalite Gold XP while the Fujikura Orochi graphite shafts will be available in a wide range of flexes to suit the preference and experience of the golfer.

The brand new Mizuno JPX800 HD irons have been designed with the aim of maximising the sweet spot area. This is achieved by employing a high-toe and lowered-heel weighting. The higher trajectory will inspire confidence from a number of lies, no matter how demanding.

In summary, the features of the Mizuno JPX800 HD irons encompass control, forgiveness, balanced performance and distance maximising capability. This adds up to a magical combination which will assist the game of any golfer. There are also modified u-grooves, with the ideal spin rates within 2010 Condition of Competition rule.

If you require balance, control and extra power, the Mizuno JPX800 HD irons are an asset to any golfer's bag and are sure to lower card-scores, whether a beginner or seasoned pro.

Mizuno's new addition irons will be available from mid September 2011 and will come with a Recommended Retail Price of $100 per. individual club.