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TaylorMade R11 Irons Review

As a golfer who can use all the help he can get, I am always looking for an edge on my friends when we play. I am not the type of golfer who buys the latest product to hit the market every six months. However, when I saw TaylorMade was releasing its new series of irons, I had to have them.

The TaylorMade R11 irons are just what I needed to improve my middle and short game. Iím a pretty decent driver but my iron play needed some help. The R11 irons have changed my game dramatically this year. Not only do I get amazing height on my shot, I get length as well. I have gained approximately 30 yards in distance with the R11 irons. Being an average golfer, I need every advantage I can get from my clubs. These irons are very forgiving so when I hit the ball a little off center, it still stays in play. I have shaved strokes off my handicap using the R11 irons.

The R11 irons are very easy to swing and feel comfortable in your hands. Some irons feel heavy and awkward on the backswing and on follow through. The R11ís actually feel custom fitted and provide the grip I look for in an iron. The thin clubface provides a soft feel on impact with no vibration resonating back up into your hands. They simply glide through the ball with no feeling of resistance. Honestly, I cannot remember when I had a set of irons that provides this kind of an overall performance.

Sure new irons may not be as ìsexyî as pulling out the driver to impress your golf buddies. What will impress them is the improved play of your game and the score you put on your card. If you have been waiting to buy new irons, the wait is over. Go out and purchase the TaylorMade R11 iron set. Once you try them, you will wonder how you played without them.