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Srixon Golf Balls: Softer Surface - Edgier to Win

Golfing requires meticulous and durable equipments not just because it’s a fancy game. But also, golf is one of the inconsistent sports out there. And by inconsistent we mean location, condition and season.

Whether is sunny or rainy, the tour is on in the quest for the best strategist there is. Actually, golf is a game of tactics. This is probably why golf equipments are categorized in an orderly fashion with respects to the wind, terrain and season.

Softer balls for a hardcore win

Positive reviews and recommendations about Srixon Golf has proliferated the net. They are an infamous golf equipment manufacturer recognized for their unique balls.

Just as you thought golf balls look and feel the same, Srixon gave birth to a new era. These multilayered golf balls have soft surfaces made from a flexible fabric called Rabalon® HR.  It is surprisingly soft yet tough for all terrains. While the cover is soft, the core incorporated the unyielding Energetic Gradient Growth ™.

These especially engineered golf balls are available in four categories: AD333, Trispeed, Z-Star / Z-Star- X, and Soft Feel / Soft Feel Lady. Each of these series is made suited for every player, playing condition and other factors affecting a golf game.

The Srixon AD333 has 333 dimples which upgraded its aerodynamic quality. It tears the air blanket like knife, plus a heightened trajectory, spin, flight and speed.

The second most popular, Trispeed balls have 4 layers of alternate materials specifically arranged to drive a sweep speed and velocity.

It is its name. Z-Star is the most famous out of their collection. It is sends your pot to distances. The 324 dimples enable an uncontrollable spin. The second edition, Z-Star X, has a better core though the face is similar.

Last, Soft Feel has layers getting softer to the core which drives more speed and lower spins.