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Make sure you choose the correct Golf Shoes

Make sure you choose the correct Golf Shoes You could be walking around a golf course for over 5 hours so it is vital to buy a pair of shoes that fit correctly. It so easy to go for the cheapest option but generally the more you pay the more comfortble and more breathable the shoe is, obviously style is a key factor  Ecco Golf shoes are very stylish and many of the modern golf shoes are very stylish and the golf shoes these days are getting very trendy. I personally have two pairs of shoes, one for winter wear and one for summer use.

Although both shoes are waterproof the summer sho is much lighter to wear and the winter pair is a sturdier more robust style. I also tend to keep metal spikes for my winter shoes and use the softspikes for the summer. Leather shoes are really the best option and FJ shoes have some great leather shoes however some of the synthetic styles like the Greenjoys look quite good however you do compromise breathability.

The ultimate shoe is the Footjoy Icons and they took over from the Footjoy Classics which were a favourite among tour professionals. The icons still have a great look and are also available in the myjoy option so you can build your own Click here to find the Footjoy homepage