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Look Good in your Galvin Green Waterproofs

In the not so distant past, golfers just didn't have the apparel choices they have today, particularly golfers in cold and rainy climates. To stay dry and warm, common sense dictated layering oneself in a sweater, maybe two, and a jacket. It was a bulky combination to be sure, and not one conducive to easy movement or flexibility. Perhaps it would help you stay dry, but today it's possible to do so in a much more comfortable and fashionable way. The range of choices has increased since Galvin Green Waterproofs have been on the market.

No matter the skill level, most golfers are keenly aware of the importance of flexibility and mobility in the game, and what one wears while playing has a direct effect on his or her ability to flex and move freely. Equally important, when golfing in rain and wind, is keeping warm and dry. It's possible to do both comfortably, to dress non-restrictively while protecting oneself from the elements.

Gore Tex is the secret weapon, the lightweight fabric that makes it possible to stay warm and dry both from the inside and on the outside. It's a breathable water repellent fabric used in the Galvin Green Waterproofs collection, suitable to wear on the rainiest course.

Of course you'd like to stay dry from head to toe during the game. If you've got waterproofed slacks you're more likely to avoid the effects from the splattering rain drops or the waterwheels reeling from the flying and rolling balls or swinging clubs.

And proper protection up top is vital, too. Your arms and trunk need protection from the cold blowing gales, while still having the ability to sufficiently move with enough range to make the shot. A Gore Tex jacket keeps the water off and the cold out without locking you up.

Some have said that the game of golf is as much a mental game as it is physical. This lends to the idea that how well you feel might well affect how well you play. It follows then that how well you look, how stylish your appearance, could boost one's confidence. It makes perfect sense to assume that one who feels confident, and at the same time comfortable, not having to waste mental energy on trying to stay warm and dry, could play a better round of golf.

For now, Galvin Green Waterproofs are available throughout Northern Europe and in the UK, where golfers are more susceptible to the types of weather the clothes have been designed for. Perhaps they'll become available to golfers in other countries, too.