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Knock Shots of Your Score

You hit more shots with the Putter than with any other club and for most of us a 10% improvement in performance is going to take 3 or 4 shots off our score. Seems sensible to start here then, if we are going to win more matches. So let me give you three quick drills that will: make sure your putting stroke is tuned, improve your distance control and increase your confidence.

You want to have your hands, arms and shoulders working together with the club face hitting the ball perfectly squarely in the center. That will ensure both accuracy (hitting it straight) and better distance control (consistently striking the ball off the sweet spot).

Set up two clubs perfectly parallel on the grass. Swing the putter low to the ground between the two clubs.

You are trying to ensure that you don't hit the clubs with the putter (or the ball!). Incidentally this will also improve rhythm.

For most amateurs this should be a drill that should be completed before the start of every round. 
Good technique will help with the pressure putts. 

Most of us create three putts through poor distance control on our first putt (rather than poor accuracy or poor reads). So let's improve that with the following drill:

Using Tee Pegs set up imaginary distance lines starting at 15 feet every 5 feet. I would setup lines at 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 feet (if you have enough room). Now take 15 balls. Try and hit the first three so they land between the 15 and 20 feet lines. Then the next three between the 20 and 25 feet lines and so on until you are trying to get the last three golf balls between the 35 and 40 feet lines.

Score 3 points for every ball that finishes in the target zone, 1 point if it goes beyond and no points if it is short. From your 15 golf balls you are looking to score 37 points minimum.

Finally we all need to build confidence on the Putting Green. To achieve that we need to be holing putts and that is very difficult from 6 feet out.

Spend your time, when you have a golf hole to aim at, hitting the 3 through 5 foot putts, on a flat surface. Make sure your technique and rhythm is right. Then concentrate on repeating that, and LISTENING to the ball drop. That's right. Keep your eyes and head perfectly still and down and you will enjoy listening to the ball hitting the bottom of the cup.