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A lighter way to perform with Under Armour Golf

The golf apparel industry was stunned after seeing Hunter Mahan, a tour icon, flashing his new tight-fitted clothing. Has he gone mad? Afraid not.

Many golf analysts have noticed how heavy cotton / wool fabrics are when at play. Back in the day, icons like Arnold Palmer are adapted to wearing such weighty garments. They believe these materials have affected their manner of swinging which when compared to today’s at least 300 yards, is far below.

After Mahan’s display, most professionals started switching to this breathable and flexible clothing. Believe it or not, they all felt like an unleashed reptile free to move in maximum strength and endurance.

The lightweight switch

It is plain obvious why lightweight tight-fitting garments easily became a hit. These tights are designed to follow the golfer’s moves and not vice versa.

Instead of carrying the shirt, the shirt sticks to the skin making golfers more elastic. No more drag downs again.

The newest brand and perhaps the pioneer of lightweight apparels in golf, is Under Armour.

After receiving intense recognition in the field of football, basketball, and track, Under Armour shocked the golf clothing industry as they introduced their style to this meticulous sport.

Known for their brawny football commercial ads, Under Armour Golf stuck to their infamous slogan “we protect this house”. They assure their products let the athletes shine in all conditions and driving optimized performance each and every time.

Using a fiber called PolyArmour, specialized sort of Polyester; Under Armour Golf could be stretched in four ways for a better movement. These clothing are available in “heat gear” and “cold gear”.

Golf is no longer a mere amusement for the elites. It is evolved to an aggressive game of wit and accuracy. Not anymore is the golfer satisfied with weak materials that hinders his way to success.

He now demands a partner that boosts his potentials to running free.