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What is the Optimal Launch Numbers.

Over the past few years launch monitors have become more prevelant however many golfers still get confused as to what is the optimal figures to achieve. Over the years I have had a few launch monitors from the Callaway fitting system and I now have a flightscope which gives some great results and a recent study has come up with what is some good numbers to follow. These systems have all helped in some way and they have got a lot better as time goes on and fitting irons and woods is now a lot easier.

If you have an angle of attack in the region of five degrees with a launch angle of around 14 to 15 degrees and a spin rate somewhere in the region of 2600rpm then you should be getting some good results however these figures do vary with different swing speeds.

Interestingly the average amateur wil have an angle of attack around -2 to -7 degrees with a rpm of 3000-4000 which leaves quite a lot of scope for improvement as the majority of amateurs launch the ball too low with too much spin.

With the major manufactures being restricted by regulations many of the top golf clubs are much of a muchness when it comes to performance and this is why yo need to trust a professional clubfitter and one that uses a launch monitor as this really does help you achieve the optimum performance as you will be able to hit the ball further without increasing your swing speed or hitting it any harder.

So when you are looking to buy your next golf club try and get fit with a Flightscope